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How do you prefer to fly?

How do you prefer to travel? Do you prefer the luxury and comfort of First or Business class? Or does your budget suit more Economy travels? 238 more words


Why are we not going to remote area to pursue our conservatory biologist-dream?

Being conservatory biologists means to study specific animals or plants for years deep in the woods or far away in vast ocean or Antarctic, or in some more humane place like natural parks. 698 more words


@JoyceCarolOates as so many things are. Opinionating instead of opinion.

— Daniel Mendelsohn (@DMendelsohn1960) July 26, 2014

Failure is big right now


SmackDown 14/07/25: Was it an earthquake? Was it a hurricane? No, it was Dean Ambrose vs. Cesaro, part 2

There is nothing worse than Mizzz TV +++ After not even a minute Cesaro bleeds from the head +++ For a second I hoped that Dean Ambrose would beat up JBL +++ The Pendulum Lariat still isn’t a clothesline +++ Cesaro loves Kendo sticks / Dean Ambrose loves chairs +++ Cesaro loves to sell his bad loser gimmick +++ Seth Rollins wants Dean Ambrose to die +++ Paige wants to be friends with anyone to beat them up +++ Apparently Triple H bailed Stephanie out of jail


A Proven Opinion Is Called A Fact

If I have an opinion that I feel strongly about… I should try it out & prove to myself whether or not it’s accurate.

If my opinion proves itself, I can stop calling it an opinion. 78 more words

My opinion on the Gazza bombing.

Well, at first, let me tell you my position. I niether am, nor against Israel. If you wish to spit on my position, I give you the leisure of doing that. 510 more words


Of sacrifice and earth worms

There once was a little boy named David, with a striped cap and a perpetual runny nose. He was a bit disgusting, chronically dirty hands, always wiping his nose on his coat sleeve. 655 more words