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P3 Update Looks Into Lenses

If you haven’t already, you should grab a copy of P3 Update. After you do that, check out a neat article by James Thompson, that explores what choosing a lens means these days and why shooters make the decisions they do. 225 more words


Fresh Lemons

Inspired by a post by Maggie Wilson, The Zombies Ate My Brains


I used to suck lemons, eat their flesh eagerly, and leave just the curl of peel at the side of my serving of fish, salad, or whatever else was on offer. 184 more words


Using an effective Email signature

Email signatures, traditionally, have, the sender’s name and some greeting. This being set with the email provider gets added automatically to the mail being sent. 185 more words

Ya I know, I'm lazy.... here's another late one!

Scientists are continuing to study Celiac Disease.  And it’s funny that this comes up, because I was just talking about skin diseases with my mom.  She’s got a weird rash, and they think it’s related to Celiac Disease.  370 more words

FOMC Tomorrow & Jackson Hole Coming Up

The VIX is now around 12. The events coming up could cause significant volatility in stock indexes. Certainly shorting the VIX now is a dangerous proposition, but so is shorting stock indexes. 70 more words


Results - followup, thoughts

Well, I didn’t do anything I regret. Or rather – I did nothing, which I regret. And in doing so, I ran out of time and messed up even further. 791 more words