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Introduction to an odd mind. pt4.2

Holy CRAP!

I just remembered a few more very important Landmarks in my childhood life line…

Friends! … the TV show, there is no denying this! 125 more words


Forbidden Reality

Stare at each other,

Knowing that it’s so not fair,

How everything’s decided;

Old enough to tell right from wrong.

But what if darkness draws one in? 62 more words


Longing for Affirmation

Lord I struggle, I struggle to know if my posts will be liked. I long for the gratification of knowing others will absolutely love and crave my work, but you remind me: 217 more words


Chicago Real Estate Market Trends

We are a month into the New Year and we are still seeing a downward trend in rates for mortgages and increased business for real estate agents. 151 more words

Keeping you

If I crush on the lonely
Could you blame me
Upon these sheets -I’m nothing
So I classified life
I already some this up
If my hand wasn’t scripted… 204 more words


Making networking work for your real estate business

“People do business with people they know, like, and trust.” You’ve almost certainly heard this networking truism before. When it comes to getting referrals and business partners, you can’t beat building relationships.