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there are reasons.

There are reasons I am well,
and they are
my demons now have names,
and they do my bidding for me now–
no more bidding of me. 329 more words


2 Days To Go...

Two days…It’s almost here…

D Day…

We’ve talked about the paperwork and everything…even though we can get divorced in two days doesn’t mean we will be divorced in two days…it sucks, but that’s life. 565 more words

Friday Thoughts...

Four Reasons: Why I am now Addicted to Pinterest

It is official…I am addicted to Pinterest.

I remember signing up and getting an account a few years ago, when it must have been quite new.   437 more words


Top 6 Reasons To Date a Plumber

Sometimes here at Fanning Plumbers we like to get a little bit silly. Everyone knows that plumbers are bigger heartthrobs than Justin Bieber but rarely do people take the time out to figure out why. 159 more words

All About Thick Hair

THICK HAIR is one thing every woman wants except for those who already have it. Those who already have it would trade it for a chic pixie cut any day. 432 more words


10 Reasons to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

Promoting affiliate programs is one of the most popular methods being used today to develop a home based business. There a number of advantages to affiliate marketing compared to other types of online business models, apart from the obvious one of t…