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Ball Tracking

One common way to track the movement of the ball is to use optical mice.  Some disadvantages of the method is that mice need to be positioned carefully near the ball surface in each experiment, that at least  least two of them are needed to recover all 3 rotation parameters, and that it is not trivial how to synchronize such data to the imaging. 263 more words


A Brief Introduction to Affiliate Marketing

While most small business owners have heard the term Affiliate Marketing before, many are unsure exactly what it entails and if it’s a viable option for their small business. 940 more words


Verizon and Google have spent over $6 million on lobbying in 2014

Two of the biggest names in American communications, Verizon and Google, are also two of the highest spenders in the world of political lobbying. In the last two years alone, the two spent a combined $63 million attempting to sway legislation in their favor, and 2014 is gearing up to be another landmark year in Silicon Valley’s profits flowing into Washington: the two are already $6 million deep in 2014, with Comcast and AT&T nipping at their heels. 164 more words


More Tinfoil Headgear: Dazzle Face Paint Fools Software

A system tracking student data to provide personalized learning has been scrapped “…after parents worried that its database technology was violating their children’s privacy.” From Geekwire.com, A Bill and Melinda Gates initiative, … 238 more words



Hey guys I know it’s been awhile since I posted by the weather has been so bipolar, as usual and my productivity level and mood changes with the weather. 278 more words


Working inside a Shell

Switching back to Linux was a liberating feeling. A feeling unlike anything else. After staying in the Restrictive Windows interface and getting used to weirdly large boot times and the space-eating Hibernating option, working on an OS that boots in less than half a minute to full usability and does not do anything that does not need to be done is simply amazing. 559 more words