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モバイルノート×スキャナマウス×セブンイレブンのマルチコピー―機――外出先でのデジタル化&プリントに超便利! [ #cbajp ]




Domain/Online tools toolbox of tools.

Ever needed a quick DNS lookup, a trace or traversal, an IP lookup and scan, WOL packets, default password lookups, ping…well have I got the site for you. 38 more words


使用したすべてのファイルを自動的にクラウドにバックアップしてくれるアプリ『Filelize』 [ #cbajp ]

Windows/Android/iOS: 使用するガジェットをシームレスに切り替えるには、どのデバイスでも作業したいファイルの最新版に常にアクセスできなければなりません。アプリ『Filelize』を使えば、使用したファイルがすべて自動的にDropbox、Google Drive、Box、またはSkyDriveにバックアップされるので非常に便利です。



VA Releases New Version of the GI Bill® Comparison Tool

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) today launched an improved version of the GI Bill®Comparison Tool, which was first launched in February 2014.  539 more words

Writing Tool: Story bird


Writing with Storybird.

Kids simply love this website! Besides being super easy, its illustrations are amazing. Kids have numerous possibilities to create and let their imagination go wild. 98 more words


JavaScript OCR.

How often do we find ourselves in a situation where you print something out or are given a scanned document, only to find yourself having to extract its content by retyping what you want out of it. 81 more words


Photoetch Tools

This is my complete PE tool set minus magnification. I think the most expensive single item was the Gator’s Grip glue. I’m sure all those fancy PE tools make life easier but this works fine and is a whole lot cheaper. 30 more words

Scale Models