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Interior Walls Design by Garden Designy

>The variations of wall decoration in the market place let you to select which decoration will fit your design and style as well. This is excellent information for all people who want to have a area with particular theme. 30 more words

For the walls // black and white photography

I’m thinking about printing some large black and white photographs for our walls. I love the simplicity. Did you know you can get black and white architectural prints made at kinkos for $4?!  16 more words


Episode 79- two weeks of life in France- a little bit of work

Renovation, restoration, relaxation-

As we need and must have a proper rest we didn’t do a lot on the French trip.

I did finish the seven layered paint effect in the terrace bedroom and yes, it was worth it. 240 more words

Renovation And Restoration Diary- France

Kitchen Notion Ck Laminate Covered Cabinets White Countertop Green Walls by Marriageous

House » Kitchen » Kitchen Idea Ck Laminate Covered Cabinets White Countertop Green Walls Up coming »

Kitchen Thought Ck Laminate Covered Cabinets White Countertop Green Walls. 36 more words

The Thrill Of Smooth White Walls by DIY Decor Projects Blog

Hello friends, right now it is the weekly update on the remodel, and I have some absolutely thrilling photographs for you, pictures of a great deal of white walls!! 36 more words


For most my life! I have been going solo. Because I have found that the one’s that I thought were friends! Were not. And that left me all by myself. 251 more words