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Finally Croatia! King's Landing is Great and all, but Dubrovnik was my Least Favorite spot in Croatia

I had wanted to go to Croatia for years. YEARS, I tell you. It looks so close to Italy on the map. I looked and re-looked at the dozens of ferries from ports all along the Adriatic, although it turns out they take a REALLY long time and are much more expensive than you would imagine. 244 more words

Lovely Places And Things

Lots of Progress, But Little Wifi

Happy to report that things are progressing nicely at the school house.

Since we’ve managed to get up there for multiple day stretches on several occasions, we’re getting lots done. 155 more words

School House

Please enjoy Gluten Free Ice Creams this summer...

Amazed that so many different and popular Ice Cream brands are GLUTEN FREE – so there’s no excuse no to be cool during our HOT Summer weather. 957 more words

Gluten Free

Vulnerable Discovery

Broken episode. Well, it’s over. I’m still not exactly sure what got into me but I needed to let it out. And I did. I let emotion come over me and I suggest that people who struggle with expressing things or hold things in just let vulnerability take place. 204 more words

the walls

bruised silence
by those words
those little helicopters
cruising around
cutting it
w/their rotors;
quietly wept,
in the corner
of the two crumbling walls… 29 more words


No More Walls

At bible college we looked at the way people viewed access to God in the Old Testament and how it’s changed in the New Testament. 440 more words