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Be Involved With Juvenile Justice

Many of you may know about Lighthouse’s involvement in the Kalamazoo County Jail ministry, but did you know that we are also involved in the Juvenile system as well? 399 more words

Lighthouse On 11th

Your Youth Group - Tomorrow's Christ-Followers or Tomorrow's Totally Confused?

Do you remember that great old tune, “deep and wide, deep and wide…there’s a fountain following deep and wide…?”  You know.  It had the hand motions to go with it, and then you repeat the chorus with, “wide and deep, wide and deep….”  What about, “Father Abraham had many sons, and many sons had Father Abraham…”  I can’t help but move my arm back and forth in a swinging motion when it gets to that part, “So…let’s just praise the LORD, RIGHT ARM.”  And so goes the left arm to follow with the next stanza, and eventually the legs and the head are all moving just like you are a soldier marching in place.  1,974 more words

God's Word

Unveiling Uganda: Part 22

I have been holding off almost all week to make this post because I was hoping that a group who I will mention more in a moment would have posted some pics I could use as I forgot my camera, but that has not been the case thus far, so maybe pictures will follow! 654 more words


Behind The Closed Doors.

It’s OK to cry behind the closed doors, it’s OK to scream in the inner dark room of your home, it’s OK to hurt sometimes in the crowd of people, it’s OK to feel the pain, it’s OK to stumble and fall, it’s OK to break down and it’s OK to visit your past… just don’t stay there. 232 more words


A lil of myself - Um pouco de mim


Sometimes you need to write, just for put your thoughs in order or just to record something that you tend to forget.

i´m a lil man (not short but young) i have 24 years old live in o blessed with beauty country: Portugal. 362 more words



This week we looked at Pantoums, which repeat different lines and can be a bit like a puzzle, trying to find ways of making it make sense when adding new lines. 542 more words

Oaklands School

Youth Parliament Chair encourages candidates to stand for election

 ‘grasp this opportunity to ensure young people are continually at the forefront of shaping our society’ – Louise Cameron, Chair SYP

The Scottish Youth Parliament elections will be held in March next year and the call is now open for young people all over the country to register their interest and stand as candidates to represent young people in their area. 275 more words