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Sarah Valentine, Queer Kids: A Comprehensive Annotated Legal Bibliography on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth, 19 Yale J.L. & Feminism 449-493 (2008).

This contribution collects and annotates materials related to LGBT youth (defined as “falling somewhere between the ages of ten and twenty”). The citations were collected “to assist practitioners, policymakers, and scholars working on issues affecting queer youth.”

Full text: SSRN (free).

V. GLBT Youth And Students

Working Together for the Greater Good. It Can Be Done.

My friends and colleagues on the right might think I lean too far to the left, and my friends and colleagues on the left think I lean too far to the right. 766 more words

BAIL Banter: Perspectives from Bay Area Internationalists (Eva Vander Giessen)

Special Edition! With the holidays we’re publishing this week’s blog early and taking next week off. More in January. Wishing everyone in the BAIL community a happy new year! 1,040 more words



Wreaks his dream
Take a walk, child
Nobody’s home
Sings the black-eye
Blues, watching the
Sky eat the sun
Must’ve burnt her throat
Red apple shine… 68 more words


Sign Up for DNOW 2015

Coming up, Friday, February 27 through Sunday, March 1, is our annual DNOW weekend.

The “D” in “DNOW” stands for “Discipleship,” and gives our weekend its purpose; to disciple the youth and families of our churches through an intensive weekend learning experience. 306 more words


Appreciation Blended with Inspiration to Do Good Things

 By Nhi

Having been around for 30 years, Council for Unity is a non-profit organization that solves issues in schools and empowers youth with the skills necessary to, according to the organization’s mission statement, “promote safety, unity and achievement in schools and communities”. 983 more words

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Fast food, slow kids: Eating junk leads to poorer academic results, study shows

Children who eat the most fast-food tend to get significantly poorer scores in math, science and reading tests, a new nationwide study that examined the habits of over 8,500 young Americans reveals. 281 more words