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Fifty of my favorite films in alphabetical order because countdowns are lame and pointless (films 1-10)

Over the next few weeks I will be publishing a list of fifty of my favorite films with brief commentaries for each. The title addresses my aversion to countdowns but I also want to preface my list with the clear statement that, despite what people think of me, these are… 2,165 more words



I’ve never been a fan of meatloaf. Every meatloaf that I have ever had has either been too hard or there’s just too much stuff inside of it. 76 more words

Another Retirement Community Made An Awesome Calendar Of Famous Movies

Earlier this year, the Contilia Retirement Group in Germany released a wonderful calendar that featured a variety of senior citizen residents recreating scenes from their favorite movies, and naturally the Internet responded with a massive “+1.” The folks at the Senior Living Communities in the United States definitely noticed, because they thought it was a spectacular idea and decided to give it a whirl with the senior citizens living in their nine communities in South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Indiana. 224 more words

Film Drunk

Monopoly: Christmas Story Edition

I have to be honest, I am not a fan of A Christmas Story. I’ve never understood why people go gaga for it, and I’ve always assumed it must be a generational thing like how I am an apologist for the 1980s (seriously, the second best decade only behind the 90s when it comes to being awesome.) 97 more words

A Christmas Story (1983)

“You’ll shoot your eye out!” snipes department store Santa, but not even personal injury can deter the cherub-faced Ralphie Parker (Peter Billingsley). Throughout the film, the 9-year-old obsesses about laying his paws on the mother of all presents, a Red Ryder 200-shot range-model air rifle (with compass), the one longed-for gift that for the days approaching Christmas is more precious than family. 219 more words


How I learned the iPhone 5s screen is not indestructible

You know those people who always have a cracked phone screen, or seem to post a “Lost my phone, send me your number!!” status every other week? 993 more words






Jean Shepherd ended his WOR radio career in 1977 and he died in 1999. Yet his creations continue to be perpetuated through new and older enthusiasts who enjoy his works. 612 more words

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