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A Clockwork Orange

Anthony Burgess’ novella A Clockwork Orange has intrigued me for some time.  Although I have never seen the movie, I was already familiar (on a very high level) with the plot.  520 more words


The Most Controversial Films of All Time

With The Interview, James Franco and Seth Rogen have set off an unintentional firestorm, as hackers opposed to their film’s subject matter have exposed private communications within Sony Pictures. 48 more words

A Clockwork Orange - Chapter 1

I decided that I would like to illustrate Anthony Burgess’ novella A Clockwork Orange, due to its theme and its length. It was a length that I could read it all in a relatively short space of time and its structure of three chapters each split into seven sections, seemed to allow for a nice amount of illustrations. 1,120 more words


A Clockwork Orange

Malcom McDowell, Michael Bates, Patrick Magee

Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Rating: C

Alex (McDowell) is a young, rampant, violent, sex machine. He and his group of “brothers” go about stealing, fighting, and raping about in England until one day they don’t want Alex as the leader and leave him to be picked up by the police. 308 more words

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Ludovico’s Technique

Crime will be eradicated forever!

            Thanks to a new way of disciplining criminals called the Ludovico’s Technique, our city will never have to worry about crime again. 196 more words

A Clockwork Orange

Member of Modern Youth Arrested

A member of the violent and sadistic Modern Youth named Alex was arrested last night. The police came to the house of Madame Felicia when they received an anonymous tip of a break in. 10 more words

A Clockwork Orange