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My 20 Favourite Films #13: A Clockwork Orange

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey

It is hard for me to pick a favourite filmmaker of all time since so many of the ones I like bring various types of films to the cinematic table. 1,363 more words


A Guide To Visual Symmetry In Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange

io9 has compiled all one-point perspective shots in A Clockwork Orange, for those, like myself, fascinated by the directorial eye of Stanley Kubrick.



A Clockwork Orange Scene Analysis - Jessica Juler

I chose to study the underlying parental abuse discourse within the film ‘A Clockwork Orange’. While a very small aspect of the film, it’s interesting to study this element of the film juxtaposed against the events within the novel. 859 more words

Back Referencing.

Sometimes after posting an entry, I decide or realise I should have added some more information. To that end, I have addenda for two recent posts. 395 more words

Down the Rabbit Hole with Stanley Kubrick

By: Scott Alic

I had ticket regret: I had only just come out of a screening of Stanley Kubrick’s 1975 epic Barry Lyndon, and perhaps hopped up on the film’s sumptuous, painterly visuals, had apparently agreed to pick up a ticket for the screening immediately after:  Kubrick’s 1971 classic… 2,228 more words


Going of Age

Dear Reader,

There seems to be an ever-lacking need for age classifications on movies. With TV shows depicting some rather explicit sexual and violent scenes and there being nothing to tell you (in the UK at least) what age rating the following programme should be. 763 more words

Violence in Films

It was a struggle to get through the movie rendition of A Clockwork Orange and I can only imagine what the book would be like. For instance, within the first 20 minutes, the main character and his buddies beat up a homeless man, fight with another gang, and break into a house. 308 more words