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A Clockwork Orange

Malcom McDowell, Michael Bates, Patrick Magee

Directed by Stanley Kubrick

Rating: C

Alex (McDowell) is a young, rampant, violent, sex machine. He and his group of “brothers” go about stealing, fighting, and raping about in England until one day they don’t want Alex as the leader and leave him to be picked up by the police. 308 more words

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Ludovico’s Technique

Crime will be eradicated forever!

            Thanks to a new way of disciplining criminals called the Ludovico’s Technique, our city will never have to worry about crime again. 196 more words

A Clockwork Orange

Member of Modern Youth Arrested

A member of the violent and sadistic Modern Youth named Alex was arrested last night. The police came to the house of Madame Felicia when they received an anonymous tip of a break in. 10 more words

A Clockwork Orange


The youth in our society are ruining the lives of everyone. The youths are setting themselves up for failure in life. What is the cause of the corruption of our youth? 163 more words

A Clockwork Orange


Do you wonder what is in space?

Do you want to go on a trip of a lifetime?

Are you free for seven months?

If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions contact 1-800-GOSPACE for information regarding travelling to space!

A Clockwork Orange


Journalist goes undercover to expose group of women

Undercover reporter Ruta Donnelly spent six weeks with a group

 of old women who frequent bars to unearth their dirty secrets! 209 more words

A Clockwork Orange