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2:00 am, heading towards the dead of the night I toss and turn struggling to sleep. Was it the humid summer or the thoughts in my mind. 843 more words

A Conversation


“You’re quite good at asking for forgiveness,” Caleb said. “You’ve no problem confessing your sins. However, you’re just not very good at actually receiving the forgiveness and grace for which you ask.” He regarded me with an expression that fell somewhere between concern and pity. 396 more words

A Conversation

Your Best 15 Second Pitch Yet

I recently spoke to a group of dynamic entrepreneurs, Creative Business Posse, about how to talk about their business.

I’d heard some new business owners say they thought they were being selfish if they spoke about themselves or their business. 290 more words

Power Presentation

He Fights, Part II

My tender muscles already ached from hanging onto him, but there was no other alternative. I nodded, tightened my grip on his shirt, and tried to brace myself for the first attack of fear. 810 more words

A Conversation

He Fights Fear

so I’m kind of curious to see where this goes…

I’d left the house; distracted by other responsibilities and more appealing writing opportunities. After all, the rest of my life was going pretty well, and during the day it was no large challenge to ignore this dark corner of my life that seemed to be the only thing that wasn’t growing brighter. 778 more words

A Conversation

The Sacrifice of Leaving

Wrote this right before I left my MO home and returned to my Hong Kong one.

The scent of rain hung heavy in the air – almost as heavy as the fog which dipped nearly low enough to touch the fence posts of the horse pasture across the street. 778 more words

A Conversation