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A Conversation

Producing a final document is an important step to professional practice, its put all of your core ideas together and allows others to see both your thought processes and your final outputs. 15 more words


'A Converstaion' Design 2

The idea of my second design was to show the ways that social media is taking up and wasting all our time. People are locking themselves away in there bedrooms on there phones, iPads and computers spending hours on end looking at a screen. 62 more words

'A Conversation'

'A Converstaion' Design 1

For this brief I decided to focus on the way in which technology and in particular social media is having negative affects on the way the people are now communicating with one another. 136 more words

'A Conversation'

Brief - A Conversation

Idea generation

A Conversation between Memories and Time (Series of posters)

Reverse: Between future and now (Use Origami Japanese Culture)

Exaggerate: Between ancestors instead of memories (Massive Map) 111 more words


छोटी सी मुलाकात, बड़ी सी बात|

“वह शायद इसके अतिरिक्त मेरे बारे में कुछ नहीं जानते थे कि मैं अपने पापा की बेटी हूँ, और न ही मैं उनको अपने पिता के दोस्त होने के अलावा जानती थी, लेकिन आज उन्होने जो बात मुझसे कही, उसकी आवश्यकता मुझे बिल्कुल इसी समय में थी, यह पता नहीं उन्हें कैसे पता था|”


Astronomy Booklet (Experiment)

Another experiment I really wanted to try out was to involve my Golden Record project of the planet illustrations. This booklet would mainly become a game of pinpointing the correct measurements in shapes to match the planets accordingly. 164 more words

Year 2