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Children's Booklet (Concept Idea)

The research for my project ‘A Conversation’, has led me to develop several concept ideas in which the user will be able to interact with the designs, out of their own curiosity and interpret the outcome with their own actions. 162 more words

Year 2

Things Were Going So Well, Until...

It was clay day, and we had just finished making leaf dishes. The classroom was cleaned up, and the students were quiet. There were fifteen minutes left in class. 369 more words

A Conversation

Little Pots of Yorkshire: Typography Sketches

I have decided that typography would be more effective for my format and would have a nice crisp look against the glass jars. It will also make more effecient use of the space I have available. 129 more words

A Conversation

Little Pots of Yorkshire: Typography

Experimenting hands on with collaging made me think more about how effective type would be rather than creating a busy image on such a small space. 106 more words

A Conversation

A Conversation - Final Poster with Colour Experimentation

Final Poster Designs

Colour Experimentation

To be further developed…..

Year Two

Collaging: Yorkshire Dialect

After looking at my mood board I decided to experiment further with different collaging techniques. I used a variety of magazines, illustration, ink and other materials to attempt illustrating the figures of speech. 119 more words

A Conversation

Life After Fifty

A time or two a week….I fix lunch for my hubby and steal him away from work for a break. This was our conversation yesterday via text. 33 more words