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Speaking through Typography

Below are some quick examples of how I see ‘Speaking through type’. All have a very illustrative approach which I feel supports the text given. The ‘Hot’ example is a really obvious one, basically illustrating the word by it’s meaning. 127 more words


A Conversation - Transcribing my letter into different languages and symbols

I wanted to see how letters looked when they were transcribed into different languages and symbols. Once I had transcribed one of my letters from the past, I changed the text and translated, to discover and display the different ways in which different communities and societies communicate. 37 more words


Brief 1 "A Conversation"

In the first brief of this year we were asked to look into and conceptualise  “A Conversation”.  This could be as abstract or literal as we interpret it to be and the idea of a conversation I think could also contain the concept of a relationship or data exchange. 232 more words

A Conversation

Wassily Kandinsky

“The spiritual life of human-kind follows the shape of a pyramid, occasionally rising to an apex of spiritual perception when an artist of genius comes forward to lead the way, and sinking to the bottom of the pyramid when culture produces nothing but decadence. 180 more words

A Conversation

Meaning on the 7 Chakras and their colours

Crown Chakra – The highest Chakra represents our ability to be fully connected spiritually.

A Conversation


Interconnectedness is what brings all natural organisms together. It is the biological glue that holds us together; plants, animals and yes – humans too! The term refers to the idea that all living things are of the same substance and reality, and there is no true separation deeper than our appearances. 94 more words

A Conversation

An Interview With Peter Buffett, His NY Best Selling Book, "Life Is What You Make It", And Yes, He Is Warren Buffett's Son ...

A Conversation With “Peter Buffett” …


( Peter Buffett, Author & Composer)
I’m very happy to share a special interview that I had the honor of.   2,093 more words