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I want freedom
I have some freedom
I want more though
I crave freedom so badly
Making love with my lover
In our own private world… 130 more words

I Love You/Thank You

to hear the words come
out of your mouth
was the best thing
that I could ever experience

nouns and verbs flowed
over me like the softest… 40 more words



Evict what’s not working for you anymore
Be the land lord of your heart
Serve notice to the past with all of its hurts and scars… 123 more words

The last five days

Here we go second week in a row, a rough raw, first thoughts down on paper to another, Kellie Elmore prompt. The below might at first seem like an internal conversation, but these are two people, characters, for this their names do not matter, and nor do many other details, but for their crammed in conversation, with little other than periods to signify the exchanges between the pair in such a brief relay in the last of five days. 289 more words


Falling, Again.

“You need some comfort, love.”

He speaks quietly but the emotion in his voice is hard to miss. He knows… somehow he knows.

“Of course I know,” he says. 424 more words

A Conversation


Everyone’s scramblin’ around like rats on a sinking ship
Running to and fro waiting to catch the last crumbs from the rich man’s table
We are not the rats they’ve conditioned us to be… 189 more words


I had a dream last night
I met up with my wild heart
“Hey! What’s up?” He said
“Who are you?” I asked nervously
” I’m the one to take you to your destiny!” He proudly proclaimed… 768 more words