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Astronomy Booklet (Experiment)

Another experiment I really wanted to try out was to involve my Golden Record project of the planet illustrations. This booklet would mainly become a game of pinpointing the correct measurements in shapes to match the planets accordingly. 164 more words

Year 2

Animal Textures

Although many of the animals have certain features and traits that are unique and easily recognisable to the ‘trained’ eye, I thought it would be rather difficult for a young child to distinguish apart, for example the two shades of grey texture an elephant or rhino. 99 more words

Year 2

Animals A - Z (Sketches)

Originally I wanted my children’s booklet to feature animals that are arranged in alphabetical order, and as a result started to develop illustrative sketches of animals in a simplistic approach. 97 more words

Year 2

Stencil development (Childrens Booklet)

The initial process and experimentation of creating the booklet took off by itself. I started to research into the different possibilities of how to achieve my concept. 124 more words

Year 2

Choosing a Concept Idea

I decided to choose the Children’s booklet as my final concept idea, this is because my research concludes that there is no other book which allows such a creative interaction, which also includes the sensation of touch and drives curiosity to learn more about the wildlife. 77 more words

Year 2

Letterpress - My Backgrounds Development

I added my own backgrounds to my design, I then looked at how well it went and changed the opacity to see if this made it look better. 93 more words

Year Two

New Series: A conversation with... Janine Stafford

I am super excited to announce a new series called, “A conversation with…” which will feature interviews/chats with some of the young women in my life who are doing incredibly inspiring things – from starting new careers, following their passions, or going back to school. 138 more words