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The Silent Sufferer-VII

Monster is in traction, and appears to be resting comfortably. Day three he still hasn’t awaken and I was told that they were going to wake him up. 440 more words


The Silent Sufferer-IV

When I would get home from work, mentally drained and exhausted, I would drink vodka to numb my brain. This was my way of dealing with the dysfunction in my life behind closed doors. 400 more words


The Silent Sufferer-III

I took refuge inside my dreams when Monster would appear, after being on a binge of smoking crack. He would crash for most of the day, or night. 279 more words


The Silent Sufferer-II

One summer day, many years ago the Monsters best friend from childhood introduced him to what became his drug of choice, crack cocaine. I remember it was the era of beepers, as opposed to cell phones.  339 more words


The Silent Sufferer-1

Okay, here I am 18 years old with two children, and planning a wedding. I had a nightmare a few weeks before we were married, it was a warning, unfortunately I ignored it. 245 more words

Non Fiction

a dark place, a painful place, holiness

Ms. Fraenkel had her son Ayala taken from the West Bank a little over a week ago. He is a teen ager. She lives in Nof Ayalon. 125 more words