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On loving gangsters

Life in the mountains, out in the mission field, can be surprising and challenging. Here’s a bit of what Jason Goh, Radion’s intern, did during his recent stint in Khek Noi, Thailand. 451 more words


wallowing in the lap of a stranger

one of my most favorite things about Muslim culture is how hospitable it is.

while riding a train after picking up new passports, dear little t got so bored. 241 more words

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Week 09: we have a Suarez!

So. Firstly I’d like to say, what a week. Staff issues, people resigning, lies and confrontations everywhere. I’m sick as well, hacking up phlegm and occasionally blood (and blood streaked phlegm) but luckily it’s going away with the help of plenty of water, honey lemon tea, and non-fried food. 315 more words

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sometimes you get on the wrong bus

our first day in paris, we made a trip to carrefour to pick up underwear and deodorant while we waited for our lost bags to arrive, and when we came out, i was just sure we were getting on the right bus. 354 more words

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Feeling sorry for myself...

So unfortunately guys I’ve not been very well this past week at all. Not only have I had this horrendous chesty cough and fever but I also managed to sprain my ankle in a dance show. 92 more words

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A Day in the Life:July 10th 2014

Hello everyone!

This is my post for the month of July for the link up hosted by Amanda of Break the Sky.

10am: I wake up rather bleary eyed after a measly 5 hours of sleep.My sleep schedule is rather muddled up at the moment but I have a lot to get done today, so rise and shine it is. 620 more words

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You Know Exactly What This Is About

You know what’s coming. This is all about that one girl who hunts stuff: Kendall Jones.

I’m not one who likes to jump into the middle of a social media debate like this one, but I haven’t paid a visit to the ole blogosphere in a while and needed to do a little somethin somethin. 1,114 more words

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