Joseph Areranos Jr.

Joseph Areranos Jr. is currently working as an electronics engineer for Sembcorp. He and his wife have been in Singapore since 2000. Both his daughters have recently graduated from NUS while his son, who is currently in TJC, will be serving NS next year. 131 more words

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Delia M. Naragas

Delia is from the Philippines. She came to Singapore in 2004 to earn money to support her family back in Mindanao, Philippines, especially her younger siblings, for whom her salary goes toward paying for school fees. 120 more words

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dreaming may be the business of fools . . .

i meet their gazes, one by one. they are afraid to look me in the eye because i am crying. i’m not a pretty crier, if such a thing exists. 206 more words

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Otter Gets Adopted

Now that the adoption is final, the kids have found a new game.  Otter, Brady’s stuffed animal, came to live with us when the kids came on May 10, 2013.  161 more words

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This year is really whizzing on by now and I can’t believe it’s the 1st of October already. So to mark the occasion I thought I would share something positive and inspirational. 91 more words

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It's the little things

Funny how life changes when you have a mini-me to worry about.  What used to be reckless abandon riding to and fro around town is now very calculated, well-prepared, and usually solo because someone has to stay home with V.   223 more words

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World's Biggest Coffee Morning

NTT, along with pretty much half the nation, held a coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support today. Macmillan’s coffee morning is a fantastic event that has really gone from strength to strength over the years. 38 more words

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