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Find Your Niche

It has been nearly 18 months since I made the decision to embark on a freelance writing career and in this time I have learnt what I like to write about, what I don’t, who I will write for and those clients best to avoid.   469 more words

A Few Words

Exploring Drinker Demographics: When Biology and Social Expectations Collide

The first time I found out I loved craft beer, I didn’t know it was craft beer.

It was just “beer.” And it was good. 1,073 more words


Exploring Drinker Demographics: When (and for Whom) Does Price Point Matter Most?

No matter what kind of shenanigans our youth puts us through – cheeky and fun or cruel and tragic – the fact of the matter is we grow up. 759 more words


Sound Doctrine -- A Dirty Word?

Sound Doctrine — A Dirty Word?

In any sociological group, there are certain words and phrases that are deemed taboo and the reasons for that are numerous. 509 more words

And Under 1000 Words

Is the Art of Real Conversation Dying Out?

This weekend has been a busy one where conversation is concerned but would you be surprised to know that I didn’t even have to open my mouth? 274 more words

A Few Words