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On Gender and Beer: Do We Need Saving?

When I first began thinking months ago about my recent series of posts on gender and beer, I centered them around this question:

Can women save beer? 1,117 more words



Is it wrong to ask
I want to know if you miss me
Am I different or am I the same
I thought we connected… 25 more words


On Gender and Beer: Changing Our Expectations of Women

Remember that? In 2003, this was the apex of  advertising for Miller Lite, who aired the ad during that year’s Super Bowl. The cause of the argument – “great taste” or “less filling” – doesn’t really focus on the beer, does it? 933 more words


50-Word Story: Butterflies and Caterpillars

Mommy, can butterflies become caterpillars?

She thought back to when a mere look or a shy smile from him gave her butterflies.

Now the mere thought of him made her stomach crawl. 18 more words


On Gender and Beer: Why Do We Think Men Are from Ales, Women Are from Lagers?

Conversations on Capitol Hill once again became focused on the equity of men and women last week, as the White House marked Equal Pay Day… 792 more words


A Few Words on ... Willpower

So in my last post I mentioned that I get suckered into trying to love butterLONDON every time Ulta has a B2G1 sale.  So what was I supposed to do when Ulta had its semi-annual 31 Days of Beauty promo and one of the daily Beauty Steals was two BL for $15?   418 more words


Why I Don't Worry About (Beer) Journalism

I used to be a servant to deadlines – my ball and chain the ink-stained notepads and pens scattered across my desk. My boss? An editor who would take my writing and will it into submission. 1,050 more words