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Rainy Days = Lazy Days

Today it’s a Bank Holiday here in England – and that normally means just one thing – rain!

The lovely guys at the weather forecast station also confirmed that rain would be keeping this part of the world wet for the whole day.   363 more words

A Few Words

Follow me on Twitter!

Just opened a twitter account. @wait2goal.   Follow me on twitter.  I really like how it keeps tweets to a maximum number of characters.  Makes me have to think of how to get my message across in not so many words…  

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One Word of Advice for the Craft Beer Newbie

We’re all on the clock.

The Great Inevitability of Life – it’s own end – ticks away, but still ignored by our inclination to rarely check the minute and hour hands to deal with that truth. 677 more words


There's Craft in Your Beer: A Giant, An Industry and a Definition

Something that has always struck me about the beer industry is its white-knuckled grasp on definitions.

We have BJCP guidelines to tell us how a beer should look and taste, but we also have a… 614 more words

A Few Words

Sharing cropper

I’m a cropper,
Auto focus on those moments
I knew were worth the post
With hidden faults and blemished truths

Yes, I am a fool for perfection… 24 more words


An Adjective Adjunct: When Beery Wordplay Lacks Soul

The absolute worst (or is that best?) thing about words is they have meaning.

Books tell us their purpose. Teachers educate on their place. But really, what words produce for us aren’t just complete sentences. 874 more words


Oath of a Sponge

I am loving myself more than you ever will
So when you try to break my heart
My heart is full, to start with