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I hate my teeth!

There is always one part of our body that we loath and for me it is my teeth – not because they have some obvious deformity – because they have been the bane of my life for the last nine months.   588 more words

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Waterproof Mascara & Isaiah 41

– Waterproof Mascara & Isaiah 41 -

I would like to be a little vulnerable with you guys. Not too vulnerable because I haven’t quite decided how I feel about being so personal on such an impersonal platform. 2,065 more words

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Tackling the Old Testament

- Tackling the Old Testament -

If you are Christian and were not raised being fed on the Old Testament, it is likely that you are somewhat removed from the Old Testament. 1,024 more words

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Now, I start !!


After a long time I’ve write, speak, discuss almost all sort of issues,

From the small simple things until a really sophisticated topics.

Today Allah, the almighty Lord have allowed me to create my blog. 318 more words

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A few words - To all of you

English : 

To a little Princess that once told me she wanted me to find my place in this world, wherever home is to me,  153 more words


Rainy Days = Lazy Days

Today it’s a Bank Holiday here in England – and that normally means just one thing – rain!

The lovely guys at the weather forecast station also confirmed that rain would be keeping this part of the world wet for the whole day.   363 more words

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Follow me on Twitter!

Just opened a twitter account. @wait2goal.   Follow me on twitter.  I really like how it keeps tweets to a maximum number of characters.  Makes me have to think of how to get my message across in not so many words…  

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