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Sound Doctrine -- A Dirty Word?

Sound Doctrine — A Dirty Word?

In any sociological group, there are certain words and phrases that are deemed taboo and the reasons for that are numerous. 509 more words

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Is the Art of Real Conversation Dying Out?

This weekend has been a busy one where conversation is concerned but would you be surprised to know that I didn’t even have to open my mouth? 274 more words

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I hate my teeth!

There is always one part of our body that we loath and for me it is my teeth Рnot because they have some obvious deformity Рbecause they have been the bane of my life for the last nine months.   588 more words

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Waterproof Mascara & Isaiah 41

–¬†Waterproof Mascara & Isaiah 41 -

I would like to be a little vulnerable with you guys. Not too vulnerable because I haven’t quite decided how I feel about being so personal on such an impersonal platform. 2,013 more words

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Tackling the Old Testament

- Tackling the Old Testament -

Reading the Old Testament is something many believers avoid and I hope to share some of my journey through that dilemma in a way that will help believers gain inspiration to delve into entirety of scripture. 1,152 more words

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