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actually starting!

So Kelsey and I were talking one morning and we decided to go with a shed/slant type roof instead of a classic A-frame. This will give us a lot more space, be lighter, and be easier to build. 292 more words

Tiny House

26 Fern, Orinda

Today our featured home is a sizeable Orinda A-frame. It has enough protuberances so that its signature shape is barely discernable from the front, but inside the structure is unmistakable. 48 more words


Building an A-Frame

1. Take a couple of pieces of wood, and a tape measure. 

2. Measure half way along the long piece of wood and saw in half. 192 more words



The A-FRAME is one of the best ways to direct the local public to your business.
Easy to move around and best results when placed on a corner, where most traffic is. 34 more words

Reading and Mapping the Landscape

In class we were shown how to mark out contour lines on a piece of land using A frame. The idea is to mark out contour lines directly onto the ground, which could be transferred onto a map. 594 more words

day one. dun dun dun.

after some unpacking and rearranging, we found ourselves somewhat settled in our new farm home (well, almost… i foresee quite a few goodwill trips in my future). 428 more words


Reading The Landscape

A-Frames, A-Frames, A-Frames! Who’d a thought I would get so excited about A-Frames. Imagine the scene… I’m standing, outside in the orchard at Stanmer Park, clearly visible in my fluorescent cycling garb and woolly hat, looking like… 455 more words