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Tuesday, health: not good, mood: depressed, energy: low

Well, it went, I’m not really sure of how, because the thing is still open. Came home about 6pm, went straight to bed, woke up a couple of times because had heartburn, bad, but let’s say I slept about 20 hours, more or less, now is 2:20pm pst, and I feel still tired, but at least had enough energy to get off the bed. 1,042 more words

Banking Mafia

Friday, Health: stable, mood: discouraged, energy: low

Anyhow, back here, 2am pst, after short nap, 142 over 92, not that bad, back to the parsonage:

Reddiito di Inclusione Sociale

This racket there, marxicato mandarins plus catomafia mandarins, (they have one my email addresses, interesting,) want a signature for their petition. 2,346 more words

Banking Mafia

Tuesday, Health: not so good, mood: upset, energy: low

Well, is 1:11am pst, can not sleep so here I am. Consideration of he day, this life is not worth living, in the current cato/christian mafia sub-culture, which promotes the pareto optimal distribution of 80% idiots for 20% of crooks. 1,794 more words

Banking Mafia

Wednesday, Health: better, mood: not there, energy: low

Well, slept all night this time, so the problem is actually taking one of my medications in the mornings, is 7:20 pst, took the second batch of medications, 152 over 95, better, since the changes, will check in an hour the effects of the new medication added. 3,161 more words

Banking Mafia

Tuesday, Health: well, so far, will see, mood: not there, energy: low

So anyhow, today have to wake up early, cardiology visit. Set the alarm. 149 over 105, for now, just took my long list of medications, maybe in a couple of hours will try again and see. 2,554 more words

Banking Mafia

Wednesday, health: a bit better, mood: puzzled, energy: low.

So today woke up at 9am, did some errands, slept about 4 hours, and read a bit more from 3pm to about 6pm, then slept another 4 hours, and here I am. 430 more words

Banking Mafia

Tuesday, health: so and so, mood: disillusioned, energy: low.

Back to the parsonage after an 11 hours sleep, and a nice dinner of lasagna, was on special, $7.95 for 6.5 lbs, (a bit less than three kilos,) and zero taxes here for cold food, could not pass on those, delicious and cheap enough. 1,108 more words

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