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Wednesday, health: a bit better, mood: puzzled, energy: low.

So today woke up at 9am, did some errands, slept about 4 hours, and read a bit more from 3pm to about 6pm, then slept another 4 hours, and here I am. 430 more words

Banking Mafia

Tuesday, health: so and so, mood: disillusioned, energy: low.

Back to the parsonage after an 11 hours sleep, and a nice dinner of lasagna, was on special, $7.95 for 6.5 lbs, (a bit less than three kilos,) and zero taxes here for cold food, could not pass on those, delicious and cheap enough. 1,108 more words

Banking Mafia

Sunday, health: not there, mood: disillusioned, energy: low.

Back to the parsonage, today very little of meaningful to comment, looks like a press joke for stupids that still support the corrupted information, no wander this press has to be corrupted with political money to survive, mediocrity at the worse level, with a component of orwellian disinformation, and irrelevant gossip. 363 more words

Banking Mafia

Thursday, health: sleepy, mood: disillusioned, energy: low.

Today is garbage day, I’ll have to remember to put the trash cans out by the sidewalk, and also have some paperwork to do.

I slept a lot yesterday, except for a couple of hours we had to meet for some papers, and a few hours in the evening, that explain why is 3am pst and have a bit of hard time to sleep. 2,078 more words

Banking Mafia

Tuesday, health: some troubles, mood: disillusioned, energy: low and slow.

Well, did not sleep too much, only about 8 hours, but yesterday I slept another 8 during the day in three installments, so I guess, is as usual, feel a bit tired, but we will see. 1,622 more words


Sunday, mood: decent, health: so and so

I feel ok this morning, better than usual, is about 5am pst, and I slept practically uninterrupted (except 5 minutes at 1am to take medications,) for 11 hours or so, good for once, let’s see today’s parsonage news: 1,999 more words