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Sunday, health: not there, mood: disillusioned, energy: low.

Back to the parsonage, today very little of meaningful to comment, looks like a press joke for stupids that still support the corrupted information, no wander this press has to be corrupted with political money to survive, mediocrity at the worse level, with a component of orwellian disinformation, and irrelevant gossip. 363 more words

Banking Mafia

Thursday, health: sleepy, mood: disillusioned, energy: low.

Today is garbage day, I’ll have to remember to put the trash cans out by the sidewalk, and also have some paperwork to do.

I slept a lot yesterday, except for a couple of hours we had to meet for some papers, and a few hours in the evening, that explain why is 3am pst and have a bit of hard time to sleep. 2,078 more words


Tuesday, health: some troubles, mood: disillusioned, energy: low and slow.

Well, did not sleep too much, only about 8 hours, but yesterday I slept another 8 during the day in three installments, so I guess, is as usual, feel a bit tired, but we will see. 1,622 more words


Sunday, mood: decent, health: so and so

I feel ok this morning, better than usual, is about 5am pst, and I slept practically uninterrupted (except 5 minutes at 1am to take medications,) for 11 hours or so, good for once, let’s see today’s parsonage news: 1,999 more words


Dick du jour

The South Carolina GOP is rife with assholes, none bigger than the state party’s former executive director and general counsel, Todd Kincannon.

Todd Kincannon @Todd__Kincannon… 81 more words


Thursday, mood: sleepy, health: shaky, energy: low

So here back again, was in bed a couple of hours when we came home yesterday, from a 2-3 hours meeting, from eight to midnight getting in and out of bed, until I took the medications for the night, and slept six hours more all in one run. 2,855 more words