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Five French Home Truths about Light Rail, Gold Coast Style

I found this list of five key aspects about the French approach to light rail in this article from City Lab:

1. They tie cities together. 186 more words

Words from others... on this Journey

“Bill Gates said, ‘People often overestimate what will happen in the next two years and underestimate what will happen in ten.’ Don’t underestimate obedience over a long time. 88 more words


Writing in the storms - faith and reading and weather... on this Journey

 A picture taken in the car – but I love the rainbow in the beginning of the storm. I never write publicly in the storm. It’s much easier to do the weathering and then write. 676 more words


Because even crazy days happen... on the Journey

It was such a crazy day. It started normal enough, really, the usual early wake up from the small dog, the usual cup, bible study and wake the husband. 921 more words


On a Journey

   I am a stranger, an alien. I am a foreigner.  This is my journey.  My wife and I have embarked on a journey overseas, to new lands, a place not to fond of our kind.   1,174 more words

A new view of past memories and personal stubborness... on the Journey

Kari Jobe, “I know that you are for me”

The first month into the Rehabilitation slash Discipleship program for the young son, we were allowed a family visit. 1,135 more words



Menjadi bahagia bukan hanya sekedar dengan terlihat bahagia. Begitu pula dengan bersedih.

Selalu saja speechless dan cuma bisa ber-oh sama orang-orang yang ternyata cuma ingin terlihat ini itu, tapi tak mengerti ketika diberikan pengertian dari muka yang dibuatnya sendiri. 17 more words

A Journey