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Who is this Person and why Potting Shed Direct?

Life never quite goes according to plan for me. Well for a start I was born in the city of London, whilst my heart seemed intrinsically attached to the countryside! 484 more words

A Journey

Lichens: A Cautionary Tale

Do they look dead to you ? No seriously they could be mistaken could they not for having been blown off from somewhere higher perhaps further afield and given sanctuary in the branches of these trees. 267 more words

A Journey

Pause for Effect.

Is this comfort I have entered, or a type of peace?

I’ve reached a stage of no major panic or anxiety, not even striving or yearning; that old incessant need to be elsewhere, coupled with that gloom suspended over the bed in the mornings as though the end has arrived. 158 more words

Heart & Soul

Manusia yang Lain

Manusia tak pernah benar-benar melakukan perjalanan sendirian, dan teman perjalanan yang paling saya sukai adalah manusia yang lain.


A Journey

Thomas, W.Va.

I recently had to travel to Davis, W.Va., for work (oh, darn.) and decided to make a short weekend of it.
After a long day of listening and writing, this hangry vegetarian stopped in Thomas at… 118 more words



Pernahkah kamu merasa tak tahu akan bertindak seperti apa, sama seperti yang saya rasakan saat ini? Saya tak tahu harus bagaimana, bahkan tak tahu akan menulis apa. 791 more words

A Journey

Growing Old...

Yes I know, 57 isn’t old but lately I’m feeling every bit of it. I’m stiff where I shouldn’t be and well not stiff where I used to be. 193 more words

This Too Will Pass