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Prayers on the Journey...

This week ran ahead of me and now the posted words are late, but as I drove in yesterday morning for the first class day, prayers fell from my lips for that class, those students, and then myself. 186 more words


Stains and shed blood... on the Journey

I clean my house, I whisper prayers for my children, my husband, my loved ones, my children’s friends, my pastor, my church, my co-workers, my life, endless whispered prayers. 254 more words


Hands open, palms Heavenward, intentional loss of control on this Journey

Hands open and palms Heavenward, I’m giving up the control. Someone told me that’s how it’s done. When the oldest son was headed out of the country to places not just with man-made strongholds, but spiritual strongholds too, this mother’s heart was quaking with worry. 600 more words


Manic Monday Demon.

It’s Monday, it’s morning; I need to get up.
In the bed my body seems to want to stay, or is it my mind? My mind is wide awake, I think. 1,073 more words

Heart & Soul

It starts with a seed

Not a literal seed, but a figurative one. One that is planted in the mind and grows from there.

Since before I enlisted, I’ve been thinking about an ORD trip. 365 more words

A Journey

Who is this Person and why Potting Shed Direct?

Life never quite goes according to plan for me. Well for a start I was born in the city of London, whilst my heart seemed intrinsically attached to the countryside! 484 more words

A Journey

Lichens: A Cautionary Tale

Do they look dead to you ? No seriously they could be mistaken could they not for having been blown off from somewhere higher perhaps further afield and given sanctuary in the branches of these trees. 267 more words

A Journey