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Semester Break 3.0

Assalamualaikum! Hai!

So it had been quite a long time since the last time I’ve updated anything on this blog. Apart from my busyness with my studies, it’s either there’s really nothing to be blogged about, or I’m just being lazy. 232 more words



A lot has been said recently on textbooks, the benefits they have and the bad press they get. This has had me thinking a lot about them, and their use in lessons. 714 more words


Pattern Photography.

Looking through old folders on my PC i found these pictures from my A2 Photography project. Sixth form college was amazing.

United Kingdom Double traffic road lines.

Toyota Yaris car grill.


Advertisement analysis

In this advert, it has been designed to specifically sell the Midnight Poison fragrance from Dior. They’ve created a thematic design that matches the colour of the fragrance bottle (possibly the colour of the liquid within too, but that’s indiscernible from this view). 463 more words

A Level

How to deal with apathy.

An area of particular interest to me is A Level teaching. I have been lucky enough to teach A Level throughout my teaching career, beginning with an unruly Language and Literature group during a placement in my training year and culminating in a steady stream of both English Literature and English Language classes every year at my current school. 375 more words


Using Conventions from real media texts mind map for Exam

  • Using Conventions from real media texts
    • Theoretical evaluation of production
    • Progress across time
    • Foundation portfolio AND advanced portfolio
  • Technical conventions
    • Camerawork was used in my project for my advanced portfolio to set the theme of drama more.
  • 643 more words
A2 Media

The Relationship between AS and AL in 2015 - Some Important Issues

Barbara Bleiman, Co-Director of The English and Media Centre, clarifies the issues around the de-coupling of AS and AL.

The new AS and AL reforms are raising difficult questions about how best they should be implemented. 1,627 more words

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