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A Level H2 Economics Case Studies Tips

Case studies constitute 40% of your A level H2 Economics grades. Not being able to do well in this section can very well cost you your A in the subject. 694 more words

Exam Preparation

Resilience in the classroom

Recently I’ve written a lot of posts around puzzles and problems that people have set me to solve. This is something I find fun to do and I have enjoyed solving them. 889 more words


The root of the problem

Yesterday, while discussing various proofs and problems, my friend Steve posted this and said it was his favourite problem of the last few years.

He laid it down as a challenge for me and the others involved in the discussion to solve. 366 more words


A Level final Images

Back in the days when I was flying around the school with my little compact camera in hand, desperately hoping to be struck down with inspiration, it dawned on me that I needed a final piece…like…tomorrow. 64 more words

GCSE & A-level Revision Tips

Here are a few reminders, to help you with your revision:

  • Ensure your revision notes are complete – check you have covered all the ideas in the topic list given to you at the start of the course.
  • 172 more words
Field Trips

Constructing a proof

Yesterday, while discussing this problem, my friend Steve posed this problem that he’d been thinking about:

The sum of two squares doubled is the sum of two squares. 625 more words


Area the Hero's Way

This morning I posted this about a lovley simple triangle puzzle I had found and explored. One of the responses came from Mrs Watson (@ 626 more words