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Beethoven Concert Talk

For IB Music people – here is a pre-concert talk ‘Beyond Beethoven’ that took place before an OAE (Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment)


The Importance of Reading

I teach a rather literary subject. Within History, there are many wonderful areas to investigate and many ways in which to do it- historical fact, historical fictions, historiography, primary sources, secondary source, etc. 592 more words


Ellie's art #4 - Bookshelf

The Bookshelf is done in acrylic on paper for my A Level art final.



Getting to grips with Augmented 6ths

An important chord to make friends with is the augmented 6th. There are huge numbers of examples but to speed up the research a theory website has a useful list of examples that have recordings AND scores; you can see and hear them, and maybe play the examples yourself. 32 more words


Fission and fusion

Fusion is the combining of small nuclei; fission is the breaking apart of large ones. This leads to a tiny amount of mass going missing (the mass defect) which is converted into energy and represents the binding energy of the atom. 26 more words

Tuesday, 27th January 2015

A leveller, n.

Pronunciation: /ə ˈlɛvlə/, /ˈeɪ ˌlɛvlə/
Etymology: < A adj. or n. + leveller n.

One who would level all differences of position or rank among men; … 10 more words