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Artist's Block

I am constantly faced with this. It seems to be endless and no matter how hard I try to find it, motivation seems to have disappeared completely. 147 more words

A Level

One of My Favourite Books...

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Devoted lover or creepy stalker keeping a scrapbook of his crush’s movements you decide, but whichever one it is, it takes commitment to carry on loving a girl for five years without seeing her or hearing her and still keep alive the hope that you will both one day be together, it’s pretty cute stuff and says a lot about Gatsby’s ability to hope. 260 more words


Cameron-Anne Mason

Playing around with the different materials I found I really enjoyed using inks in creating my initial samples. I particularly loved how using inks was neither difficult (infact it was really easy), nor did it have to be applied onto fabrics in a neat manner to leave a beautiful coloured surface. 273 more words

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Christmas Card Contest

Yes, we know it’s early but we’re launching our Christmas Card Contest this week!

All you need to do is design a Christmas Card and hand it in to the… 154 more words

Art Department News

The Beginning of Filming

I have now organised my first day of filming. Which in fact is listed as “Day 2″ of filming in my shot list. I have called all of my actors and checked to see if they are available for filming this Saturday (25th October). 199 more words

A2 Media Studies

Photoshoot based on Storm Thorgerson and Laura Williams

Here is a photoshoot based on Storm Thorgerson and Laura Williams, trying to mix both of their different styles together, however to achieve the more abstract work of Thorgerson I will have to use Photoshop to merge more than one image together. 87 more words

A Level

"Model the topics as particles connected by light, inextensible strings": Making sense of A-level Maths: Mechanics 1

All through school I loved algebra for the power it gave me to describe patterns and solve problems.  And I loved physics for the insight it gave me into how and why things work the way they do. 1,273 more words