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Q & A: What I would have liked to know before sixth form/college

I would like to say a huge thank you to Doctorloony for asking me this questions. If anyone else has any random questions about anything please leave a comment! 273 more words


Appreciating The Good Times

Last Thursday, I had a really awesome day, and I’d like to share it with you. If you’re the kind of person who’s not interested in me waffling about how great my day was, then fear not, this post comes with a serious message too. 550 more words



Today, I have created a WordPress blog, I have also created categories and sub categories for each section of the course. I have learnt how to create and edit different posts.

A Levels

A Venomous Kiss

Sorry I’ve been quiet, moving back to uni was more stressful than I thought it would be!

Here’s an old piece that I’ve only recently found, based on the myth of Medusa, that I wrote in year 12. 2,324 more words


To be truly happy for them.

There will always be people who are more successful, who are smarter, prettier, more affable, more capable and more hardworking that you are. There will be people who are not satisfied with simply being ‘okay’ with ‘average’ results and with ‘good’ achievements. 754 more words

What I would tell you, my dear doctor-hopefuls.

It’s a huge gamble.

I get so many emotional ups-and-downs everyday that I feel like I’m hitting menopause. Gosh.

I’m at that stage where I’ve got to submit my UCAS application for good, and I’m reconsidering my university options. 1,196 more words

Another Brick In The Wall

All kids just aren’t academic – there I’ve said it. But they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Vocational qualifications are offered in a wide range of subject, from agriculture to zoology – so why are these skills undervalued by society? 148 more words