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You WERE and STILL ARE Privileged

Reminder to myself: I need to pull my grades up in the next semester. Is it possible to reach the impossible just within this 3 short weeks of winter break? 36 more words


Homeschooling Through A-Level: A How To Guide

Unfortunately, these days, exam results count for a lot. You need A-Levels for university, and at least GCSE’s to get a good job. So, when home schooling with the intention of taking exams, it is necessary to take a structured approach, but one that does not abolish the benefits of home education and the reasons you decided to home educate in the first place. 1,285 more words


The prologue of Life.


My official 12 years of formal education as a student in Singapore is over! The journey has been long and definitely filled with crests and troughs, but life will still progresses. 514 more words

A Levels

How can we keep up momentum in our studies?

I have applied to a lot of really good unis this year, as luckily, I achieved the grades to do so. I don’t really think that what unis people apply to is important, as it still means pretty much the same to everyone. 326 more words

A Levels

Unconditional offers: enhancing the university process or making for an inconsistent system?

Recently I have been in the process of receiving offers from my chosen universities. This a daunting experience for thousands of Year Thirteen students across the country: it means constantly checking your emails for offers, it means being too scared to open those emails in fear of rejection and, perhaps most importantly, and it means coming to the realisation that you are under a binding pressure to get certain grades in order to get in. 1,139 more words

A Levels

Kelly Procrastinates

On Monday I have my assessor for my apprenticeship coming in to have a look at the work I’ve done so far. He wants me to have completed unit 1 which right now, I still have over 1000 words to go until it’s done. 304 more words

About Me


So I sent off my UCAS application today. It was a horrid affair meaning I had to trudge through all the details with my head of year…It turned out to be over pretty quickly. 116 more words

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