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Plans and predicaments

Let’s face it, I think we all would like to travel the world and see everything there is to see in every single country that there ever has been. 360 more words

Gap Year


The purging of guilt or unhealthy emotion from the protagonist in a tragedy.

All the pent up frustration, exhaustion and guilt (towards my parents) just all came exploding and I was in such a pathetic state I know my future self will cringe whenever that memory comes to mind. 94 more words

The grass is always greener on the other side, no?

I had a talk with my friend for a while last night, and it was disheartening how university applications seemed so daunting. 3A*s and 1A for my forecast – the more I thought about it, the more I thought how I shut my own doors and limited my own options by making the choices I did for my UCAS application. 575 more words

Doing Well in Your A-Levels and Getting Into University!

In a couple weeks I’ll be off to university and it was so hard to get through A-levels with good grades and I’m now so excited to go so I thought it would be nice to do a post about it as it’s been great and then for anyone who wants some tips on A-levels and on applying to university. 1,552 more words

York Notes, gap years and iOS 7.1.2.

Despite nearly missing the bus twice, today wasn’t to terrible. My form tutor did accuse me of being ungrateful for the cake she will get for my birthday when I said “pessimism is best because you’re either right or pleasantly surprised” … 590 more words

Why this blog needs to be written..

I’m writing this blog because when I was doing A-Level art I felt that there was very limited information around on the internet on how to apply to undergraduate degree courses and foundation courses. 138 more words