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Please Be Proud Of Me

It’s two weeks until results day.

I can safely say that I’m scared, very scared. People seem to think I’m just saying that, because I’m getting very good at laughing off the idea of results day. 504 more words

A Level Life

Assumptions in Education with CP

I asked on Instagram this morning if another post was wanted and the response was much more positive than I thought it would be. As I’m not doing much today, I thought I had no reason not to post. 1,863 more words


Eight things to consider when picking your Uni

For those year 12s going into your final year at school, writing your personal statement, filling out your UCAS application, and deciding where to apply can be rather scary! 665 more words


What In The World Is KI?

One of the questions invariably asked in the arena of polite-but-awkward-social interaction (including, but not limited to distant family members and university tea sessions) is ‘so what subjects did you do for A Levels’? 2,003 more words




I know it’s late. Last time I posted I was just starting the last exams of my sixth form life. Now its 26 days until results day. 560 more words


Coping with Maths.

My relationship with Maths can be best explained via a sine curve

Whenever I reach the peaks, it is almost always due to a patient, enthusiastic teacher , who hardly helps me solve anything, but whose presence always does the magic. 178 more words

Colour Hunt

In my lesson at collage we were sent out on a colour hunt in and around the building. We had to look for different thing such as: 44 more words