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Education: Elitism and Entitlement

The British education system is split between approximately nine types of schools, including free schools, academies, technical colleges and private schools. Private schools, being that they have the charge of determining their own future, has seen very little change, whilst schools controlled by national curriculums have seemed to do what Royals and politicians have been trying to do since the English Revolution.  792 more words




On a side note.. Somehow I’m starting to find this start to things really cute. Do you see how a simple Hello can be that cute? 630 more words

Mah Stories. ^.^


I’m literally in the current stage of my life where everything stresses me out. Mum won’t buy me a coke? stressed. Teacher sets a small 500 word essay? 261 more words

Life in 8 paragraphs

Trying something different today. I wish to talk about my life for this blog post. Because when I am not writing on my blog, I am living it. 768 more words


Still No Job

It’s nearly been two weeks since I handed my application form for a part time job into Starbucks, and I’ve not heard anything back. It’s quite depressing, but what can you do? 160 more words

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The Full(ish) Story

So I think I have only touched on why I am on a gap year very, very briefly in my first post many moons ago, and I feel like I want to explain what happened just a little further, now that I can look back and think, in a very weird kind of way,  1,416 more words

The Jump From GCSE To A Level

For those not in British education, GCSEs (or General Certificates Of Education) are the exams you take when you leave compulsory education at age 16, and A (Advanced) Levels are the more difficult exams you choose to carry on with in something called Sixth Form or College from ages 16 to 18, before choosing to go on to Uni or not. 904 more words