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An Inch Closer

(5 min challenge let’s go)

The wonders of scoring a goal or winning a point is an experience like no other,
Putting the ball into the back of the net… 242 more words

GCSEs and the Erosion of the Education System

GCSEs, considered some of the most important exams of your life, but are they really inspiring confidence in our education system? In the past few years since this government has taken power, the overall average of those obtaining five ‘good’ GCSEs has been on the decline. 970 more words

Teacher Talk


Well obviously I’m going to be talking to myself for the foreseeable, but I decided to create a blog because it seems kinda fun.

As someone who took the rather less travelled group of A Levels (Chemistry, Biology, Maths and strangely, business studies), I miss English more than words can explain. 612 more words

Born in the USA...

For the past month, we have been completely immersed in the Bedalian culture. On our very first day, we were greeted warmly by everyone and began to adjust to the life here. 558 more words

Bedales School

Am I sure?

This is not the time for rhetorics, for empty words and blogposts, my brain says.

This is not the time to regret, or fret, or wallow in want. 668 more words

Too Much... too much

Felt really overwhelmed today. We had a mock exam in the morning for Chemistry. Surprisingly, I could do almost all the questions with ease. If I cut out the careless mistakes, I would probably get a good score for that paper. 309 more words


A Choice of The Finest

(5 minute challenge let’s go)

The offers stream in with a variety of colours and emblems,
Like a smooth flow they come in from all over the world, 155 more words