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International Translation Day - state of the translation nation

Now the picture above is Saint Jerome one of the first people to translate the bible and has since become the patron saint of Translation ,well this year seems a great time to do a state of the nation type piece from my view (as thou anyone is listening I imagine but ) ,well as I recently passed the 100 books in translation read for the year ,I get sent books in translation and in the five years of this blog ,yes things are changing but it is rather like turbo in the film its a snail’s pace ,what we want is a nitrous oxide injection .Now I was struck by… 466 more words


Change is good but also refocusing is better for me reading wise

I’ve noticed a couple post by bloggers i love in recent days about changing reading habits ,I think we have all written similar posts if we have been blogging for any length of time ,one of the problems with blogging is getting drawn into the new  and shiny  also hype but be honest i never go for hype why be a sheep that is the last thing i would ever want to be follow the flock in reading .but that said I am a as bad as everyone ,who doesn’t love new books ,I know I do. 342 more words


Winstons books - A bumper week

Well last week no books arrived for me ,but this week I have had five arrive .

First up from And other stories By the mountains burn by Juan Tomas Avila Laurel ,a writer from Equatorial Guinea (A first for this blog ,the only spanish speaking country ) a childhood on a remote island of the west african coast ,cholera ,superstitions and fire destroy crops sounds great .Then The alphabet of birds by S J Naude one of the best Afrikaans writers a collection of short stories with recurring motifs ,from London via Milan to Johannesburg . 187 more words


Choices for The Argentinian and Uruguayan lit of Doom

Well on Saturday I mentioned on Saturday my joy at finding The Peron novel for Richards Argentina based lit challenge from now to December .So I decide to share some choices I have to try from first up along side Te Peron novel is Hopscotch a book I want to have on the blog at some point as it is Considered Julio Cortazar’s masterpiece and a great piece of Experimental fiction .Now the rest of my choices are on my kindle so first up… 130 more words