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"A Life" Faces The Truth

A Life by Guy de Maupassant is the story of a woman who grasps the reality that life is rarely fair. While the premise is nothing new in terms of storytelling, the way in which Maupassant approaches it is revolutionary. 341 more words


Cinta Sepasang Kepiting

Dua jam yang lalu gue diputusin sama pacar gue, gue gak tau kenapa dia mutusin gue, dia cuma bilang “kita udahan aja ya, kita udah gak sejalan”. 457 more words

A Life



A play on words for a reason. When we get to become, on this Earth, as people the factor of “others” is introduced eventually. 292 more words


A life - Prologue

The sound of crackling the pataake piece through my ears. I heard whereas of laughter and seen the children kept their parents on their toes and i also heard the sound of my father aka krishnan a government employee who is famous for his stern look and principle at my mother who is innocent yet cunning my sister is no less than my father she is also shouting at my mother i silently turn back to the street and a lone tear escaped from my eyes.

A Life