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Iris In Stars

I have so much to say today
so I shake you to wake you

Get up! and I’ll tell you
of life that bursts
to get inside… 107 more words


From Bliss to Rage: Five Albums Relevant to This Blog

This particular post is meant to give you, the audience, some background on my musical tastes. I like all kinds of music, and I’m going to attempt to cover multiple genres in this blog. 465 more words

Roland and Curt rule

When we went to buy our first CD player, we had no CDs.  I suppose that makes sense in a kind of chicken-and-egg scenario.  Consequently, the nice chap in the CD player shop sold us a couple of albums.   175 more words

Pop Music

Right Here....In Front of Your People. FollowUp. QnA.

Q: So if I understand correctly, you’ve been doing graffiti for many years, and someone you have not yet mentioned, was claiming your work, and then creating fake tags, throwing them up and saying you were that crappy writer wannabee? 828 more words

Intervallic improvising

When making analyses of great solos, jazz teachers like to look at the scales and arpeggios used and try to relate them to the underlying chord sequence.  401 more words