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More Delicate This Time

He told her that he designed with intent
to look disingenuous – after all, Machiavellian.

She nodded, let her gaze linger a moment,
licked her lips; he sighed. 41 more words


Surrounded By Wonderful Echo

Peepers are still out this time of year
though their song comes earlier in the eve these days,
fragile, almost not there; easy to listen beyond and miss them. 132 more words


A Play In Two Lights

Light #1
I’ve a string of white bulbs that run up-along-down the wide wall of my porch
where I sit sometimes with my back to them wearing my glasses; 74 more words


Somebody Get Me A Ladder!

Ecclesiastically contested.
Unceremoniously censored.
Perilously pared.

Illuminatingly metro.
Respectfully nuyorican
(not – as the spell checker has suggested – Corsican).
Aggravatingly a salted one. 22 more words


Spiritual Masterpiece: John Coltrane and "A Love Supreme"

A television showing John Coltrane, Equatorial Guinea, 1990

I haven’t posted much about jazz lately but it’s not because I haven’t been listening.  Months back a friend sent me a link to the video below.  320 more words


Requiem, Rinse And Repeat

In awe to be born,
sans words, symbols
not needed, a world
of touch and hope
till touch no more.

© Chagall 2014


100314 one moment

one small contribution to this Domestic Violence Awareness Month


define “love” for me
give me one moment
of clarity, where
the contradictions
rest uneasily… 195 more words