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Right Here....In Front of Your People. FollowUp. QnA.

Q: So if I understand correctly, you’ve been doing graffiti for many years, and someone you have not yet mentioned, was claiming your work, and then creating fake tags, throwing them up and saying you were that crappy writer wannabee? 828 more words

Intervallic improvising

When making analyses of great solos, jazz teachers like to look at the scales and arpeggios used and try to relate them to the underlying chord sequence.  401 more words

Mia Theodoratus Interview 2014: Avant Garde Is The New Celtic

You can search long and hard amongst the Harpists of the world and not find any quite as diverse as Mia Theodoratus. The best description we can find for Mia’s music is beautiful and bold. 2,042 more words

Interviews 2014

Jack DeJohnette - jazz drummer / music creator

Jack DeJohnette plays “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane – a drummer isn’t  the dumb non-talented guy that is behind a set of stuff  that  he/she hits or drums aren’t more primitive or less refined than the other instruments. 62 more words


A love Supreme    ;)

Patti Smith New York City, 2000

by Danny Clinch