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(Non?)-participant Observation

I’ll digress this morning from discussing book-reading and take some time to make a disheartening report based on people-reading this a.m. in the hostel’s kitchen. This place has been filled with scholars for the last five days, standing by the coffee pots and water coolers in earnest discussion of the supposedly real-life demands and implications of doctrine, religious practice, and belief. 504 more words

Happy anniversary, Lizzy

We have spent one memorable year together.. It’s been a time of growth and change in the mental health system that we have explored together. We are a vital part of the Recovery Advisory Committee that has guided the implementation of Comprehensive Community Services. 194 more words

Definitely. Let's!

So many colors in so many words, if rainbows could spell
then paragraphs be rain.

Under parasols, our collars up,
we hug and steam the air. 16 more words


Still There Still

You’d take me for a ride,
how I loved when you took me for a ride.

You saved me once,
I’ve savored your being,

when you loved me… 16 more words


Ménage à Trois

Twilight breeze considers the young gold flame,
with love proposes she release her heat.

The wind down on bended knee, vows to stay,
excites much sweeter but cold honeyed moons

© Chagall 2014


The Recipe

Sweeten it first
then chill it down

© Chagall 2014


More Delicate This Time

He told her that he designed with intent
to look disingenuous – after all, Machiavellian.

She nodded, let her gaze linger a moment,
licked her lips; he sighed. 41 more words