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Jack DeJohnette - jazz drummer / music creator

Jack DeJohnette plays “A Love Supreme” by John Coltrane – a drummer isn’t  the dumb non-talented guy that is behind a set of stuff  that  he/she hits or drums aren’t more primitive or less refined than the other instruments. 62 more words


A love Supreme    ;)

Patti Smith New York City, 2000

by Danny Clinch

Psalm - Part 4 of a Love Supreme

A friend passed along this YouTube video, in which a fellow named James Carey does a really nice job of presenting the text of the poem “A Love Supreme” in its musical context. 129 more words

Jazz Ideas

John Coltrane, 1966

by Chuck Stewart

Thank You John Coltrane: on the 50th anniversary of A Love Supreme

Get the damn horn out of your mouth,

Miles snaps out in his rasping tone

John blows and blows,

driven by an unyielding resolution

Elvin thrashes about to polyrhythms… 95 more words


Enlightenment - A Love Supreme @ James Lavelle's Meltdown

Enlightenment – A Re-envisioning of John Coltrane’s Love Supreme  touched down on the Southbank on the final day of James Lavelle’s Meltdown. It was a glorious mid-summer’s day, there was rave kicking off on the river bank terrace and… 1,226 more words

Deep Stuff

Absolutely Cause To Celebrate

She tells herself to let go – soar -
and so she does
and soar she does
but only for just a short while

She often walks on coals… 127 more words