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Hunter Nash - An Even More Modest Proposal

Note From the Editor: Before reading this piece, you should be aware that it is an advanced form of bitter satire. Hunter Nash is here parodying a piece by Jonathan Swift, called “A Modest Proposal.” The original proposal was also breath taking for its shock value. 899 more words
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A Modest Proposal for Dealing with the Muslim Problem and Relieving Tensions between the Varied Races of the Earth

Over recent years, it has become evident that the Muslim and Christian races are deeply divided. It is widely known that Islam is a violent and barbaric religion – why else would there be a need for the term ‘jihad’ – a word… 1,360 more words


Nicholas Wade: A Racist Author I Want To Eat

As an atheist and morally deprived, godless cannibal, I’ve made it my life’s duty to eat people who I consider to be fuck heads. Well, Nicolas Wade, author of a new racist book called, “A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race and Human History,” is just such a fuck head. 208 more words


Recipes From The Atheist Cookbook

I’ve written a cookbook for atheists because I decided we godless, cannibal bastards needed one. To help promote it, I’ve decided to share a few recipes from it. 464 more words

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