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Ethiopians make Aaliyah: Selassie I opposed divided Palestine

“According to Haggi Erlich’s book, “Alliance and Alienation: Ethiopia and Israel in the days of Emperor Haile-selassie”, the last king of Ethiopia from the Solomonic dynasty did not support the division of Palestine and rather took an opposition stand, which was a blow to the then politicians.  186 more words


Selassie laughs last: Rastafari grows amongst Italian youth

There is a special irony to an Italian youth or any Italian embracing Rastafari – Mussolini would “roll over in his grave” so-to-speak. The Lion of Judah is conquering the hearts of the sons of Rome. 93 more words


Join InI in sounding out the word-sound-power ‘mongst the birds in Babylon’s tree!




Apostasy Now Ep 18: Lee Moore - Revive With The Godless Revival

Lee Moore is an atheist activist of many hats. Years ago he started the popular podcast A-News with co-host Brian Allen and later Sheila Blackadder. Together with many interesting guests and guest hosts they have been a constant presence in the secular world. 137 more words

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