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The Malta Drive-In Showing Halloween Classics

Halloween classics on the big screen?  Yes, please.  If you’re a horror movie fan, you’ll want to make your way up to the Malta Drive-In this weekend.   167 more words


31 Days Of Horror A Nightmare On Elm Street 1984

In 1984, that’s 30 years ago mind you, a little film that everyone in Hollywood who was anyone passed on, went on to become one of the most profitable horror films of all time. 264 more words

Movie Review

A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge


New Line Cinema

Directed by Jack Sholder

Produced by Robert Shaye

Written by David Chaskin

When discussing the “Nightmare on Elm Street” series with others, the question always comes up as to just why has this movie franchise managed to still be popular and successful even after so many years. 1,002 more words


A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

An unnecessary and unnecessarily dull remake or reboot or regurgitation of the 1984 original, A Nightmare on Elm Street is directed by Samuel Bayer and is about what one would expect from the Platinum Dunes crowd. 656 more words


13 Days of Horror: Day 4 - Horror Masterpiece: A Nightmare On Elm Street

“One, two, Freddy’s coming for you;

Three, four better lock your door.

Five, six grab a crucifix;

Seven, eight gonna stay up late.

Nine, ten – never sleep again…” 1,209 more words


Freddy Krueger Admitted To Sleep Lab To Treat Extreme Insomnia

Freddy Krueger, a local custodian and occasional sweater model, was admitted to St. Joseph’s Sleep Lab in Bangor for treatment of extreme insomnia.

According to Dr. 667 more words



Whilst I was researching Johnny Depp (all in the name of research on a purely professional basis of course!), it turns out he’s starred in numerous horror films, and in the spirit of Hallowe’en, I thought you might enjoy scaring the living the daylights out of yourself, so venture on… if you dare. 159 more words