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Family recipes 1: Osso Bucco

My aunt’s Osso bucco is to die for, ever since I was little I looked up to her cooking skills and any of my 2 aunts I stayed with I always gained a kg from eating much more then back at home. 405 more words

A Personal Story

Point+Shoot: Cooking on a Rainy day and eating it all the day after

Saturday morning we were really stuck for ideas on what to do as it was raining a lot and we still weren’t in our own house. 156 more words

Point Shoot

100 words the toddler needed to survive in Belgium

Language learning seems to be easy for the little one, she picks it up so quickly, it amazes me and fill me with joy everyday. We are currently staying at relatives where we speak a mix of French and Flemish so I assume it would be quite confusing. 701 more words

A Personal Story