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What is this constant need to do something, or be something more? I sometimes refer to it as ‘Restless Soul Syndrome…’ (It’s like Restless Leg Syndrome, but for the soul.) The realization that there is always something new to be discovered—a smell, sight, taste, and touch to experience… so why not experience it? 187 more words

These Random Rolling Thoughts


Yesterday I wrote about thunder and lightening and about how much it scared me as a kid.  I wrote about how as an adult, storms actually seem a bit exciting. 245 more words

Brazil 1-7

Have to admit sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  In this case, probably more.

(Wish I could credit the right guy for this!)


Twit wit...Part 27...

*** Warning, might contain naughty words***


*And now you have walked on the rice paper of wisdom without leaving the footprints of ignorance… you may leave the temple, Grasshopper. 455 more words


Paintings and collages, posted 6-13-14

Early morning behind the rock, on the planet Graille. (a picture is worth a thousand words series) Acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20

Swimming. Silver and aqua acrylic paint on canvas. 173 more words


Living Life in Pictures

You know the old adage:  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Well, with the plethora of images being uploaded these days … we’re talking billions and billions of images and words. 370 more words