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Martian League round 2

This Martian League thing still bothers me this morning. Yea it’s all wrapped around the fact that I want it and that I really can’t justify $200 on it. 324 more words


the terrible trait

“I trust you because I know that you are not cursed with the terrible trait of absolute and unswerving truthfulness, that you could lie like one of your own Virginia gentlemen if a lie would save others from sorrow or suffering.” 7 more words


My most sincere regrets to The Martian Legion.

Jan 26, 2015, Jasoom

Dear Martian Legion, I hope you are well.  I am deeply saddened by the circumstances that prevent me from partaking in this a glorious occasion of a huge illustrated new John Carter hardcover extravaganza. 183 more words


declaring a love

“I could not chance causing her additional pain or sorrow by declaring a love which, in all probability she did not return.”

— Edgar Rice Burroughs, A Princess of Mars


suffering the greatest misery

“Yes, I was a fool, but I was in love, and though I was suffering the greatest misery I had ever known I would not have had it otherwise for all the riches of Barsoom. 18 more words


strange, unsightly pieces of cloth

“Earth men, almost without exception, cover their bodies with strange, unsightly pieces of cloth, and their heads with hideous contraptions the purpose of which we have been unable to conceive;” 7 more words


Back to Mars - Ak Ohum Oktay Weez Barsoom

Re-watching the Disneyfication of Edgar Rice Burroughs‘ 1912 creation tonight. I originally read the book in 2012*, just before watching the movie in the theatre … which was really a waste of time because Disney had changed just about everything about it, and made more shortcuts and detours than I think old Edgar would have managed to hang on to his lunch over. 244 more words