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The Children’s Book — A. S. Byatt

When I wrote about Wolf Hall two weeks ago, I claimed that “possibly The Children’s Book which lost out to Wolf Hall in 2009 is a better-crafted work”. 762 more words

Taking Posession

Finished Possession by A.S. Byatt on the subway last night, I have been listening to it as a book on tape for the last 2.5 months. 284 more words

Book Review

The lusciousness of language

I am currently reading Possession by A.S Byatt, a Romance about two academics who are researching the lives of two Victorian poets. They are brought together when one of them discovers a half drafted letter that connects the two poets. 692 more words

Odds And Ends

Not Just Any Name

I relish a good character name, something more than a moniker. Here are two from my long list of favorite character names, both from A. S. 240 more words


My Contemporary Fiction Challenge 6#: A.S. Byatt's The Children's Book

Discovered in the tunnels underneath the Victoria and Albert Museum Phillip Warren, a homeless young aspiring potter, is whisked away by the influential museum curator Prosper Cain to aid the eccentric potter Benedict Fludd. 327 more words

Book Review

Why You Should Read Possession (A.S Byatt)

Synopsis: Two modern-day academics trail the never-seen-before letters exchanged between two prominent Victorian poets,and witness the evolution of a previously unknown relationship.In the backdrop of both stories,modern and past,obstacles arise. 1,048 more words



Too much choice!

I am off on a writing retreat on Monday, to the beautiful highlands of Scotland to hide in a valley where I will have no access to wi-fi, internet, phone reception, a television, or any form of news other than the radio. 715 more words