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There is another writer I know, who, like myself, is thought by a great deal of people to be dead. His name is William Shakespeare, and he has written four kinds of plays: comedies, romances, histories, and tragedies.

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The curious thing about being told to sleep on it—a phrase which here means, as I’m sure you know, “to go to bed thinking about something and reach a conclusion in the morning”—is that you usually can’t.

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Noli Me Tangere

What the hell. It irritates me whenever men plays with women’s feelings. When they ask “Do I have a chance if I will court you?” even though they never even made a move. 171 more words


My Most Unforgettable Experience with Alcohol

“Some people may drink out of leisure, while I don’t even drink at all. I drink wines but not beers. I just don’t enjoy the taste of beer. 1,366 more words


The Eerie Institution

We’ve all been there – being sent around the houses by an organisation we’re part of, filing endless requests, sending dozens if not hundreds of emails trying to get something done. 359 more words


Book Review - The Ersatz Elevator

Title: The Ersatz Elevator 

Author: Lemony Snicket

]Genre: Middle Grade, Mystery

Length: 198

Rating: 5 Star

Series Review: 12, 3, 4… 749 more words

Jazmin Jade

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One of the most troublesome things in life is that what you do or do not want has very little to do with what does or does not happen.

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