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When my workday is over, and I have closed my notebook, hidden my pen, and sawed holes in my rented canoe so that it cannot be found, I often like to spend the evening in conversation with my few surviving friends.

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20 things you might not know about me tag (Tina)

Question 1: How tall are you?
I is 170.18 centimeters short. (5 feet 7 inches)

Question 2: Do you have a hidden talent? If so, what? 863 more words

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Ten Books That Influenced Me

Rabbi Ruth Adar at Coffee Shop Rabbi blogged about 10 books that influenced her throughout her life. She asked her readers to share their top 10 so here I go! 810 more words


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There are many things in this world I do not know. I do not know how butterflies get out of their cocoons without damaging their wings.

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The Perks of Being A Wesome

Today was a pretty awful day, for many reasons. I hope you know by now that I work at a vet clinic, but if you don’t, let this suffice: I work at a vet clinic. 1,295 more words

I'm Faster Than Any Therapist, So No, I Haven't Gotten Any Counseling

The Book, the Bucket and the Challenge.

If you are a social media addict (unlike me, of course!), I’m pretty sure you’ve heard about a new type of challenge, which followed the hype of the… 1,142 more words

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Operating theaters are not nearly as popular as dramatic theaters, musical theaters, and movie theaters, and it is easy to see why. A dramatic theater is a large, dark room in which actors perform a play, and if you are in the audience, you can enjoy yourself by listening to the dialog and looking at the costumes.

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