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Madam, Your Son is Autistic.

Professor Charton, Mrs. Charton, your son is autistic.  My recommendation is you institutionalize him, there’s nothing you can do for him.

By that, you should not be reading this post.  802 more words

New York Pizza in Tucson

There is a New York Pizza across the street from my home.  Inexpensive and the best pizza I have had here.  Two slices will fill you and I can get my anchovies on them.  10 more words

Hillary Clinton and the Shoe.

George W. Bush with a shoe thrown at him looked like a deer in the headlights.  Different circumstances, though, having it done in Iraq, where in the Arab world, that was a major insult.  73 more words

A Silly Look At The World

If Putin Were on Chicagoland.

On the last episode of Chicagoland, the police were discussing keeping gang members out of the safe zones set up for students to go to school.  104 more words

A Silly Look At The World

The Condi and Vlad Show.

In a previous post, I mentioned Condi Rice being sent to negotiate with Vladimir Putin.  As they are friends and to use Myers-Briggs terminology (whether you believe in it or not), both INTJ’s,   It would be an interesting chess match. 51 more words

A Silly Look At The World

Sherlock Holmes Professor Moriarty, Vladimir Putin and Whitey Bulger ?!

Click on Myers-Briggs INTJ.  That’s what started it.  Whether Myers-Briggs is useful is for another discussion.

This is how I combined Sherlock Holmes, Professor Moriarty,Vladimir Putin, and Whitey Bulger in the same post. 38 more words

A Silly Look At The World

Duck Dynasty Interview.

I was watching CNN New Day.  Kyra Phillips was interviewing one of the Duck Dynasty couples.

Not a show I would normally watch.  I am entertained by it, though, and no matter what you think of their lifestyle, you have to admire their entrepreneurship and what they’ve done.  84 more words

A Silly Look At The World