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READ OF THE WEEK: Sense and sensibility (A Slice of Life)

While I like having only my stuff on this blog (MINE!), sometimes something comes along that just has to be shared, even if it isn’t by me. 681 more words

Wits Vuvuzela

Music In A Pasture

I had been here before, a long time ago… and within those woods we had played, and drank water from a spring. In those fields my Great Grandfather had plowed, and worked the land, and I imagine as well my Grandmother and her brother and sisters must have played in those same woods that formed the backdrop for the stage. 223 more words


Amusement Park Dangers

The danger of the amusement park. It is a place where things can and will go wrong. First of all there is machinery. Second there are people who operate said machinery. 260 more words

A Slice Of Life

Overall bits and bobs from Europe

This post was started while we were still in Europe, we’d just started our journey through Italy. This post is a collection of thoughts I had as we travelled through Europe, of the things I saw that stuck out to me. 1,676 more words

A Slice Of Life

Rome: In a day (Day 3)

Well they say Rome wasn’t built in a day (and that’s no joke), but that’s all we had left to see parts of Rome.

Clearly we needed a plan since we had to spend our time wisely. 4,544 more words

A Slice Of Life

Sometimes I Get Jealous of Those Parents Whose Child Has Died

Children are like sheep.  They look all precious and simply loveable and you just want to hold and snuggle with them and caress them and keep them at your side until the end of your days.  633 more words

A Slice Of Life