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Lying to You

I have been accused of lying to my students. They do not believe me and my words now fall on deaf ears. They do not believe there was the institution of slavery. 369 more words

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My Irish Blessing

She is sweet, kind, caring, smart, and forgiving. Some days she is my only friend. She is my confidant, and a mood-altering gift. She is patient and her love is without conditions. 649 more words



The time is almost upon us. The hurricane season.  We need to reflect and not forget.

In Florida the worse weather condition is the hurricane. Now, we usually are given a window to avoid death from winds swirling at one hundred and thirty miles an hour. 459 more words

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I have the right to know!

The leaders of the government should tell all or should they keep secrets.  Tough call.

It is my government. I therefore have the right to know. 564 more words

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I just had been admitted to college. I came in the back door as I was not a great student in high school. But I went to night school at Brooklyn College and a professor liked my work. 464 more words

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A few observations on the Missing Plane

If you can retrieve the material erased from a computer then why can you not have the black box on the airplane relay the information to another computer in another location? 204 more words

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Phallics in Geography

Geography as a phallic.

I use to teach this subject and there was always a student in class with a dirty mind. Okay, lots of them. 238 more words

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