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ASOIAF- A game of Thrones Ch. 25-27

It’s a double dose of Ned and his court intrigue in Chapters 25-27, and Jon Snow gets to show off some of the lessons he’s learned.

A Game Of Thrones

A Game of Thrones - Winter is Indeed Coming

Over the last two years Game of Thrones has truly become an empire, with a hugely successful TV show which just finished its fourth season (with record numbers of illegal downloads in Australia…. 1,054 more words


ASOIAF- A Game of Thrones Ch. 22-24

In chapters 22-24 in A Game of Thrones, we have parental bonding with Arya and Ned, more squicky sex scenes with Dany, and brotherly bonding with Bran and Robb.

A Game Of Thrones

ASOIAF- A Game of Thrones Ch. 19-21

In chapters 19-21 in A Game of Thrones, Jon tries to make friends at the Wall, Ned ain’t got time for anyone in King’s Landing, and Tyrion gets warned about upcoming dangers.

A Game Of Thrones


Rating:  :D :D :D :D :D (perfect 5 grins)

I got a book set of the first 4 books in the highly popular series Game of Thrones Series  499 more words


Mystery Writers

When I was a tween I found Stephen King. Over the next years I read everything he’d written (including Danse Macabre which, let’s face it, why did I read… 439 more words

ASOIAF- A Game of Thrones Ch 16-18

We’re still with the Starks in the next few chapters. Ned is backed into a corner, Bran gets existential, and Catelyn’s on a boat.

A Game Of Thrones