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Game of Thrones wish list chapters

I started re-reading Game of Thrones, and while most characters I have missed terribly, there are also some that I have not missed. While reading their chapters, I’ve been reminded how weary some of them can be (Catelyn Stark, don’t pretend I’m not talking about you). 358 more words


ASOIAF- A Sword of Storms p. 405-502

Today I bring up a new theme I’ve been thinking about, things continue to go bad for Robb and Stannis, and Jon Snow has ended up where he started. 586 more words

A Song Of Fire And Ice

ASOIAF- A Sword of Storms p. 311-404

Today, Dany does something! Jon Snow is mopey and Bran hears a story. Plus, the most awkward wedding ever. Let’s read! 670 more words

A Song Of Fire And Ice

GOT Ascent sellsword backstories - Dorne

Here are the sellswords that are from Dorne or have ties to that area.

Parker Dayne
Parker spent most of his youth in Starfall. He was an apprentice to his cousin, Ser Arthur Dayne. 415 more words


GOT Ascent sellsword backstories - Crownlands

Here are three sellswords from the Crownlands. Two specialize in goods and the others is a member of House Slynt.

Crafty Larra Farring
Larra Farring grew up to be one of the more successful wine merchants the Eastern part of Westeros. 253 more words

Game Of Thrones

ASOIAF- A Sword of Storms pp. 202-310

Today things are slowly starting to happen in Westeros. Plus, we get to meet the Westeros version of Robin Hood and get a new narrator! 800 more words

A Song Of Fire And Ice

ASOIAF- A Sword of Storms p. 105-201

Today we find out how a couple of other characters are doing and start setting up situations that will probably end with explosive consequences. 630 more words

A Song Of Fire And Ice