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ASOIAF- A Game of Thrones Ch. 43-45

It’s double Ned for Chapters 43 and 45. Plus, Sansa is a bit useful this time around. 759 more words

A Game Of Thrones

You Know Nothing, Game of Thrones Buffs

The mystery of Jon Snow’s mother has baffled A Song of Fire and Ice readers for years since George R.R Martin penned the first book of the epic fantasy series. 178 more words

ASOIAF- A Game of Thrones Ch. 40-42

Catelyn has to deal with arrogant lords and Tyrion’s trial in the Vale, Jon Snow comes up with a clever plan, and Tyrion and Bronn bond over not dying today in… 590 more words

A Game Of Thrones

ASOIAF- A Game of Thrones Ch. 37-39

After promising myself I would get myself on a more regular schedule, I failed pretty badly. I blame my cats. So what do we have to look forward to today? 752 more words

A Game Of Thrones

Book Review: A Clash of Kings

Entertainment: 9/10

Predictability: 2/10

Density/weight of story: 10/10

Quality of writing: 7/10

Inspires reader: 4/10

Characters: 9/10

Overall rating… 948 more words


ASOIAF- A Game of Thrones Ch. 34-36

We’ve just about reached the half way point of A Game of Thrones and things are starting to get a little hairy. Catelyn has family reunion, Ned has to deal with Jaime, and Dany tries to do something nice for her brother. 550 more words

A Game Of Thrones

And So Begins My Latest Addiction!

Winterfell, Casterly Rock, The Wall, etc.

Books have been the cause of many great films and television series over the years. In recent years, the Harry Potter novels have proven exceptionally popular, as have the film adaptations of the works of J.R.R. 837 more words

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