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Welcome, AVFM

Greetings to the MRA hate group, and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy your stay. Here are a few things for you to know: 102 more words

New Men's Rights Issue: Women attacking men while giving birth

Is there no end to the ways in which women oppress the men of the world? Over on A Voice for Men, Clint Carpentier reports… 1,471 more words


A Voice For Men Defends Rape & Sexual Assault (Again)

Well, it looks like YouTube personality Laci Green has rubbed the folks at AVfM the wrong way by advocating…consent┬áprior sexual activity. I know, I know, I can hear the horrified gasps already. 1,991 more words


Harassment as Activism: Men's Rights Redditors Gleefully Dox a College Student, Face No Repercussions

No long post today. Instead, I urge you to go over to the AgainstMensRights subreddit to read about how several long time Men’s Rights Redditors have doxxed and harassed a college student, with one of the regulars gleefully setting forth a plan to stalk her and ruin her life and another seeming to suggest he might want to pay her a visit to “debate” her. 489 more words


Men's Rights Poem: "Feminists Killed Kurt Cobain"

I have to admit something at the outset, here. I’m a huge Nirvana fan, and I have been since I was quite young. I don’t mean to brag, but I own every Nirvana album from Bleach to In Utero. 629 more words


Men's Rights Poetry Corner: "Feminists Killed Kurt Cobain."

Yesterday, several days after the twentieth anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s suicide, A Voice for Men took a moment to honor the brilliant musician who tragically ended his life at the age of only 27. 696 more words


A Voice For Men Welcomes You to Misogyny Fest 2014

Hey fellas!┬áDo you consider yourself a masculine man? Do you loathe our oppressive gynocracy with every fiber of your being? Are you sick of having… 449 more words