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When Is The End Not The End? When It's Not!

How does a writer “write” music without using musical notes? If I wanted some dramatic music that is universally understood to portray an ominous situation on the way; like the music to JAWS, but with words, how would it go?    603 more words

H is for health hematologist and Houston

I’m lucky to have had good health insurance for most of my adult life. Other than annual check ups and the occasional prescription, I didn’t use it a lot until I had children. 467 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge

F is for fuck forget and Freud

fuck: favorite all-purpose exclamation and directive: fuck, fuck it, fuck you, fuck me, fuck off, etc.


Freud: so useful in literature (think Faulkner and Caddy Compson’s muddy underpants) so useless in reality (think Oedipal Complex and rigid damaging psychosexual developmental categories) so oxymoronic (think is is not)

A-Z Blog Challenge

E is for endings entropy and Everlong

endings: closing windows opened doors haunted houses

entropy: was never good with probabilities

Everlong Foo Fighters (acoustic):

A-Z Blog Challenge

D is for decimate destroy and Dad

Before I left on a short vacation a couple of weeks ago, my neighbor, a teenager, talked to me about the possibility of removing the bottle brush tree in the narrow garden at the side of my house that runs along the driveway of the house next door. 196 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge

B is for bedbugs, B movies and brothers

I spent much of yesterday afternoon at the laundromat washing Chris’s clothes on super hot and drying them on super hot for 40 minutes minimum (as per his instructions . 258 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge

A is for A-Z blog tour, Airplane and Austin

Thanks to Chris Galvin for inviting me to the A-Z blog challenge. Starting June 1 I join a group of people committed to a blog post for the next 26 days. 299 more words