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V is for...Villains

First off, villain is one of those words I can never spell first time correctly. So if a few slip by under the radar with a misplaced a and i, please blame my lack of proofreading. 1,093 more words


a is for attitude

welcome to the a-z blog post challenge! this where i post one blog post for each letter of the alphabet. it’ll be fun!

it’s all about attitude! 328 more words

U is for Unicorn

The word unicorn is from Latin uni meaning one and corn meaning horn. It’s been in our language with its present meaning since at least the 12th century. 323 more words



Have you been up for the ughten lately?  Ughten is the morning version of twilight, or dusk.  It literally means “the half light before the dawn” according to google.   275 more words

T = Tire A-Z Challenge


Or tire.

I’m a long distance bicyclist. I love being out on my bike. I have ridden my bike across the state of Nebraska six times. 386 more words

#AtoZBlogChallenge: Training Themes

#AtoZBlogChallenge Topic: Training Themes

The theme of training plays an important role in the plot of some of the most popular series. Most of these are associated with stories that focus on martial arts or magical arts training. 47 more words


U is for...Underground and Under-developed

One of the biggest challenges of writing my current WIP, Prophecy Of Innocence, is that it is set, largely underground. This was not something I gave due consideration to when embarking on the project, (hence under-developed) simply because it was an idea I had when I was twelve. 968 more words