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I is for insight incite and it's all right

Today in my Nia class, the instructor informed us that after 10 years she is leaving in order to earn a teaching credential. I didn’t sign on for Nia originally; it replaced a more standard kind of aerobics class that I took at my local YMCA. 824 more words


When Is The End Not The End? When It's Not!

How does a writer “write” music without using musical notes? If I wanted some dramatic music that is universally understood to portray an ominous situation on the way; like the music to JAWS, but with words, how would it go?    603 more words

H is for health hematologist and Houston

I’m lucky to have had good health insurance for most of my adult life. Other than annual check ups and the occasional prescription, I didn’t use it a lot until I had children. 467 more words

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