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U is for Unsual

I love to take snap shots of the most random things, often at odd angles and/or very differing zoom ranges. I try everything from zooming clear in, to taking the photo from an entirely different spot, to tilting it just a little bit, to snapping a picture of something that just makes me smile.I like to think of it as abstract photography, but in all honesty it is just me expressing my creative side in any outlet I can. 21 more words


U is for Unknown

I’ve been so busy this week with my other project that, unfortunately, I haven’t had enough time to work on The Way of Wytch as much as I would have liked. 35 more words

A-Z Challenge

T is for Tools

Tools of the trade to be exact!

Those who are blessed (or cursed; whichever way you want to look at it!) with the Wyt, have no need for tools as they themselves can be a powerful weapon or force. 311 more words

Story Line And Plot

U is for Under-utilized

These records are not high on the list of sources for genealogical information, but can yield important clues to further your efforts.

City Directories- a good indicator of mobility–when did they arrive in or depart from a city? 605 more words


Alphabetical Emotions: Unhappy

I’m sure that we are all unhappy at times. If we aren’t happy then obviously we are unhappy. I see it as a kind of neutral position to be in. 159 more words

Irene Waters

V is for Venomous Spider

No Voles or Velvet Worms around here but with a bit of searching I can always find one of these.