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Offside's Premier League A-Z: J is for jerseys and journeymen

J is for jerseys and journeymen…

Plenty will remember pining for replica kits to run around their neighbourhoods in as children, pretending to be their heroes while trying to recreate their greatest feats.


A is for Acceptance

In an attempt to give myself some structure and something to work towards, I’ve decided to do a little A-Z.  A is going to be all about acceptance – it just so happens that A is also for Alphabet, but that’s just a happy coincidence. 672 more words


ABC's Shoe Guide

  • Espadarille-A sandal or shoe with woven rope or similar material  covering the wedge or sole of the shoe.
  • Clog-Closed sole and  open heel with a platform sole.
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Fashion Education

Offside's Premier League A-Z: I is for invasions

I is for invasions…

Invasions of the Premier League have come in various forms, from the armada of foreign talent that has swarmed the highest echelon of English football  over the past 25 years or so, to the sight of hundreds of fans springing onto the pitch in celebration  or rage. 790 more words


K is for Katherine Parr

In my last post, I told you about my love affair with England. I told you it was strong—but did you think it would be this strong? 952 more words


Offside's Premier League A-Z: H is for headers

H is for headers…

The basic allure of football is often put down to the innate intrigue and weirdness of watching fellow humans control a ball with their limbs less well-evolved to master the task. 576 more words


Offside’s Premier League A-Z: G is for goal celebrations

G is for goal celebrations…

However, nothing beats the unique, personalised reactions thought up by goalscorers who want to show a bit of flair even after they’ve delivered the football over the line. 647 more words