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D is for diving…

Diving: the ultimate scourge of the world’s most popular game or a necessary evil for keeping the leg breakers at bay? 421 more words


Offside’s Premier League A-Z: C is for cards

C is for cards…

What would we do without yellow cards and red cards?

Probably argue even more over referee decisions than we already do, to be honest. 620 more words


Offside's Premier League A-Z: B is for balls and boots

B is for balls and boots…

Where would we be without footballs and football boots?

Once they were the Spartan, bare essentials required to get a proper game under way,  but now balls and boots have  taken on a life of their own. 510 more words


Glasgow 2014: An alternative A-Z

A special post today. It is my 900th after all, and posted on the day the Commonwealth turns its eyes to Glasgow, a mere 26 miles from my home. 1,052 more words


The stats connection

July 22

The stats connection

Go to your Stats page and check your top three – five posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

585 more words

Offside's Premier League A-Z: A is for away fans

A is for the away fans…

After such a dire World Cup for England it seems fitting to begin Offside’s A-Z alphabetical countdown to the start of the Premier League with one of the true strengths of the English game: the away fans. 373 more words


The A - Z Blog - Ambitious

Starting this new venture I wanted to talk about something a bit more “serious” then normal. Usually during my “reviews” I try to add a little light heartedness to it, because in my every day life I am the guy who makes jokes and tries to make people laugh, but during this series I want to take the chance to be just a tad more series…lets be honest I will more likely not be able to stop myself from breaking the tension with a comment here or there. 651 more words

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