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Q is for Questions

When you walk into a store and a staff member approaches you, what’s the most common thing they lead with? In my experience, 8/10 times it’s “how are you?”, the other 2/10 are “can I help you with anything?” For the duration of our lives, in most if not all situations, we ask questions. 952 more words

My favorite things A-Z

Leave your A-Zs in the comments if maybe we’ll have things in common! :)

A- apps
B- babysitting
C- computer
D- dogs
E- editing
F- Felt Tip Pens… 45 more words

A-Z of me: A

Hello chaps and chapesses!

You know what I like most about the blogs I read?  The feeling that I’m getting to know the blogger, like they’re letting me in on a little bit of their life and their personality.   425 more words



Anonymity is not a crime.

It is not like I’m hiding behind the nameless, faceless cloak  and spewing hate or anything. Anonymity is my comfort zone. 557 more words

An A to Z of David Bowie

Day 10: J is for January

On the 8th of January  1947 the amazing and talented David Bowie was born.

David Bowie

An A to Z of Chemistry

Day 10: J is for Joule

This is the unit of energy and has the symbol J. It is named scientist James Prescott Joule


An A to Z of Doctor Who Monsters and Villains

Day 10: J is for Judoon

“a Judoon platoon upon the Moon”

The Judoon are a sort of mercenary police who will stop at nothing to apprehend their prisoner. 49 more words