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Office Work

Day 15 (O) Office
A to Z Blogging Challenge

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times before, I work in the software development industry and write for a living. 506 more words


O is for Optimism

(And all the pessimists rolled their eyes…)

I am NOT Little Miss Sunshine.

I’m actually deeply sensitive, empathic, and prone to melancholy. I worry and I fret and I dwell. 451 more words

Random Musings

O is for Origami Owl


I found this site through a blog while randomly searching for something to read, or a new blogger to follow. I feel in love. I haven’t ordered myself one yet, mostly because I can’t quite bring myself to spend money on a necklace when I know how terrible I am about wearing them often enough to be worth it… but I think I may break down and buy one eventually. 24 more words


O is for Our House

Our House was a show that I distinctly remember watching a lot when I was young, even though it didn’t last long. It had Shannen Doherty… 60 more words

All About Me

The Worlds Hottest Supermodels... A-Z.

There’s something about putting the word ‘Super’ in front of the title “Model” that elevates the common perception, and the new i-D video reminds us why.  114 more words


So, what letter are we on again...?

You know when you set a goal, or a resolution and the excitement of starting a new project is all you can think about? Well, evidently that has come and gone for me… I have missed this entire week’s “A-Z” challenge. 530 more words

A to Z: Ozma

“You are not a girl just now” said she, gently, “because Mombi transformed you into a boy. But you were born a girl, and also a Princess; so you must resume your proper form, that you may become Queen of the Emerald City.”

776 more words
Part Time Monster