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of a search

what is the road

and what is the journey

and how is it a gathering

and what are the whereabouts

and how is angry nature… 48 more words


Air Conflicts: Vietnam

Once wasn’t enough, they had to make another one. I actually enjoyed this one more just because they added helicopters to the mix. That being said, it was still pretty bad. 469 more words


Lirik Angkasa - Menjadi Debu

Berikut lirik lengkap lagu Menjadi Debu – Angkasa :

hati ku lelah lelah hati ku
kau hiyanati hiyati’ku
berungkali begitu terus terus

aku mengalah slalu mengalah… 69 more words


Air Conflicts: Secret Wars

Here we go again ladies and gentlemen. Yes, it’s another flying game, and of all of them, it has take top prize of being the worst to this point. 560 more words


The Relationship Charts

The Relationship Charts

A great number of charts can be used to dissect relationships. There are so many out there that one is tempted to believe anyone of them holds the answers we seek and it is a preference of choosing which one to use to interpret how a relationship will play out. 454 more words


Ace Combat: Assault Horizon

Ya, another flying game. I do think this one is my favorite of the ones that I have played so far however. It has good adjustments in both difficulty and controls for the different difficulty settings. 479 more words


Adele - You'll Never See Me Again lyrics

lyrics Adele – You’ll Never See Me Again

In the darkness of my heart is a shadow of your face
From the deepest part of my regret… 416 more words