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Evaluation of "Uninvited"

Uninvited is a short film for the 2014 LAFTAs, roughly 2 minutes long, about a man who appears to have murdered somebody and has them in the trunk of his car. 487 more words


Evaluation of "The Boy Next Door"

The Boy Next Door is a short film by…

Ben Ayres

The Boy Next Door is a short film, lasting just over a minute and it is a simple story about a boy passing on a message which got sent to the wrong house to a neighbour, who appears to have somebody upstairs which they deny the existence of. 543 more words


Evaluation of my short film - "Flatliner"

Flatliner was my short film for the 2014 LAFTAs which lasts exactly 5 minutes. The short film has a simple story about a man, Steve, who appears to be having a hard time. 1,338 more words


Evaluation of "Many Happy Returns"

“Many Happy Returns”

A film by…

Lucy Slade

Kate Tindall

Jemma North

Grace Olsson

“Many Happy Returns” is a short film about a man (Jim) who keeps visiting a dry cleaners, until one day where he doesn’t show up and it would appear he has sadly passed away. 637 more words


Flatliner - Costumes and actors

For the film, an important element of the production was to ensure that the actors looked the part. Fortunately, the woman’s voice did not require acting or a costume and was just a simple voice over, but for the character Steve and the three young men, they all required some careful thought processes. 143 more words


Flatliner - Script

For Flatliner, I knew how many actors there would be within the film from an early stage. There would be “Steve”, a woman’s voice and three young men. 135 more words


Similar Products to my LAFTAs Entry

Since my plan, I had decided that most of my film would be a drama. In essence, this decision to choose a genre was quite important because it meant that I could look at other products to help with the decision making process into types of shots, movements and other details such as costumes and locations. 343 more words