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Final Product

The biggest change since the last iteration is the movement of the pattern to the middle of the poster as opposed to the end. This makes the overall poster easier to read as there is less text jumbled together in the middle. 14 more words


3rd Iteration

Mainly updated the overall hierarchy of the poster. I like this way better than I did previously. The content seems better organized and the important things such as date and time are highlighted along with the artist’s headline. 42 more words


2nd Iteration

Changing the location of the body content I felt helped the overall organization of the body content.

I felt that the orange was too similar to the yellow background and thus, wanted a color that would “pop” more for the headline. 24 more words


1st Iteration

Here is the first iteration of the posters. Things I worry about: hiearchy of the content and also whether the typeface is suitable for my design.


Final Posters for A4


In St. Vincent, I added a light pink and purple in the place of the “maddish red”. I right aligned the body text from left alignment in all three. 27 more words


Poster Rough Draft After First Critique

In my second attempt, I first adjusted the pieces to 11×17. For the most part I kept St. Vincent and Arcade Fire the same as the first rough draft except that I made the backgrounds for them lighter so that the information wouldn’t be hard to read. 303 more words