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Feelings Follow Behaviors

Years ago, I heard a psychologist on a tv show say “feelings follow behaviors.” It stuck with me. The premise was that if we don’t feel happy but we act like a happy person acts – smile, laugh, be kind – then eventually the feelings follow and we become happy. 280 more words


The 3rd Principle

The 3rd Principle… I can’t rely on God & play God at the same time.

I said yesterday that God is that whisper of Truth in our hearts & once I begin to hear that whisper… I have a decision to make. 68 more words

The God Problem

I’ve spent most of my adult life swinging between the extremes of blind-trust in God and believing there is no God. I think I’ve always wanted to believe in God but I just couldn’t quite get “it.” A lot of my friends have a deep faith, and I wanted that too, but I just didn’t have it. 720 more words


The Worst: When You're (Feeling) Crappy And You Know It

Wake up this morning out of a dream where I was talking to G (ex) on the phone… TAlkjng with him about picking up money from him that he owed me somehow. 918 more words

What I want to tell any teen that's struggling with depression

(Image courtesy of Pavel Voinov, from Unsplash.)

Nobody had that childhood you think you want. The stable marriage with a caring, flawless dad and a selflessly doting mother. 590 more words


Justin: Keen Minds, Kind Hearts

Day 8 of Justin’s Recovery. This is a long video, but it’s full of Justin’s true heart. He talks about the need to conquer fear, numbing, and let himself feel and express emotion. 40 more words

Biding my timeā€¦

Tuesday, 7:00 pm

My husband, two boys, and I are on vacation this week. Except for walking the dog in the woods on Sunday and sitting down for dinner each night, we’ve not synchronized our lives. 790 more words