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Recovery Rivalry

Okay so I went to a speaker meeting last night. It was fantastic. Probably my favorite speaker yet. Then I went home and read a ton from both the NA and AA books. 252 more words

Local Man Attending AA Meetings Solely for the Pastry

Wickham Park, NS 

Ernie Rousch, a non-alcoholic who by his own admission only has “a few once in a while” has nonetheless been faithfully attending the Tuesday eight o’clock Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at St. 422 more words


Day 29 - Saturday June 28, 2014

Prayer: God grant me serenity. 

I wake up at 3am and can’t fall back to sleep. I keep thinking about our conversation and especially about the two guys he fucked and the whole Aidan visit. 904 more words


Don't Jump Ship on Addictions

Millions of people like to gamble, whether it is casino-style games or lotteries. For some gambling is an addiction, a sickness just like alcoholism or cancer, that can destroy lives. 650 more words

Alcohol Recovery

We Keep Changing

Each day it helps us to remember that we are always changing. Whatever is most clear to us today or is most prominent in our feelings – the difficulties we may be having with parents, wives or lovers, the worries we have about our children – is a part of an unfolding of events we cannot foresee. 103 more words


9th Step Amends Cluster-Disaster and the AA Promises

I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve begun the challenging process of my 9th step work, making amends, and that there were a few right at the top of my list that I was actually very excited about. 706 more words

Love Is A One Way Street

I believe that real Love works kinda like electricity… it flows from the main, through the switch, out to the bulb.

If it flows in the opposite direction… if the main expected to get power back from the bulb… the house would burn down & there would be no more electricity. 45 more words