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A feline frenzy: Friday is National Take Your Cat to the Vet Day!

I’m sure many of you with cats at home know this situation all too well.  The time comes for Fluffy’s yearly or semi-annual wellness check-up.  You call the vet, schedule the appointment, and dig the carrier out of the attic.  406 more words

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Car Sickness In Pets

Does your dog throw up in the car when you go for rides? He may be experiencing typical motion sickness, just like some people do. Motion sickness usually begins very shortly after starting the car ride. 227 more words

Keizer Vet Clinic

  If you don’t recognize this logo, you should. It is the seal of accreditation for the American Animal Hospital Association. Hopefully over the next several years you will start to see this more and more… 151 more words


Vaccinations in pets is a very hot topic. The reason behind this is probably because the death of a beloved pet is a very real possibility on both sides of the argument. 706 more words


Tips on Flying With Your Pet

If you’re planning on traveling with your pet this summer, there are many important things to keep in mind. Your pet’s first flight can be a somewhat traumatic experience, especially if they are used to sticking their head out the car window and enjoying the sights along the way. 286 more words

Keizer Vet Clinic