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Avenue of Broken Dreams

Not exactly a Green Day fan, so I took some liberties with the title. If anyone needs a more graphic description of this month,

I’ve been hiding all my hopes & dreams away… 562 more words

4/19/2014: AAR GORUCK Light 263 -- Indianapolis, IN

GORUCK #2 of 2014 is officially in the books: Class 263, in Indianapolis, Indiana. It was an awesome event: equal parts motivating and challenging, similar and different from Class 250 the week before.  433 more words

Rest Day, AAR, & 140424

Thank goodness its a rest day. This week has been killer!

Rest Day Exercise:

4/23: Today, I actually felt pretty good. I was strong on my lifts, cleans, and jerks. 163 more words

The Outlaw Way

Rogers Shooting School class of 13-18 April 2014

Total of 18 students in this private class, including course-destroying perfect score shooters Gabe White (OrigamiAK) and Manny Bragg. Chief Instructor Ronnie Dodd on far left. 161 more words

Rogers Shooting School

HS8 Bailey's Demise AAR - fighting the Marines in the jungle

Learning jungle terrain in ASL153 Totsugeki is one thing.  Learning about Marine Raiders in the dense jungles of Guadalcanal is another matter entirely.

This is… 873 more words

Advanced Squad Leader

Rest Day, AAR & 140417

Rest Day Exercise: 9 Miles on a bike, hill mode, level 5 in 25 minutes. 

4/16: Felt good today, lets weren’t as sore, body was able to move with functionality and a purpose.   203 more words

The Outlaw Way