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This is my Body: Deconstruction, Eucharist, and Community

I’ve been meaning to post this here for some time! This is the revised version of the paper that Keegan Osinski and I presented at AAR last November. 3,469 more words


Saga: AAR 6 points Clash of Warlords - Scots v Byzantines

Here’s a link to a post I made on http://www.sagatapestry.com

Battle report.

It covers a clash of two very different factions! Thanks to Dan for the game – always fun and educational!

25-28mm Scale Models

DSLB Historial Scenario - Battle of Hagelburg 1813

Battle of Hagelburg was small scale conflict between Prussians and French 27 August, 1813 as part of Prussian liberation. What makes this particular battle attractive, besides of it being relatively small, is the fact that it was one of the first battles fought by landwehr and newly formed reservists. 784 more words


Bringing it Back to Dark Souls

Last time, on Aether’s Adventures in Barely Hanging On, we got sucked into a painting with no way out and very limited supplies, and had a hard time. 4,298 more words

Video Games

AAR: Operation Air WinterWolf in Hartford, CT

Had another go with my Udarny list in a FoW tournament held over the weekend in Hartford, CT.

The list I played:

I made a few changes to the list that I played up in Canada last month. 1,586 more words

Flames Of War

Pittsburgh Demons / Heavy AAR

Early Morning Water PT as dawn was breaking @ Pittsburgh Heavy

This past weekend i completed the GORUCK Heavy in Pittsburgh lasting 24 hours, covering 36 miles. 2,217 more words


J116 Brigade Hill AAR, a PTO classic!

This is a game that I setup earlier in the year when I found that J116 Brigade Hill was going to be one of the scenarios in the… 1,018 more words

Advanced Squad Leader