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Bringing it Back to Dark Souls

Last time, on Aether’s Adventures in Barely Hanging On, we got sucked into a painting with no way out and very limited supplies, and had a hard time. 4,298 more words

Video Games

AAR: Operation Air WinterWolf in Hartford, CT

Had another go with my Udarny list in a FoW tournament held over the weekend in Hartford, CT.

The list I played:

I made a few changes to the list that I played up in Canada last month. 1,586 more words

Flames Of War

Pittsburgh Demons / Heavy AAR

Early Morning Water PT as dawn was breaking @ Pittsburgh Heavy

This past weekend i completed the GORUCK Heavy in Pittsburgh lasting 24 hours, covering 36 miles. 2,217 more words


J116 Brigade Hill AAR, a PTO classic!

This is a game that I setup earlier in the year when I found that J116 Brigade Hill¬†was going to be one of the scenarios in the… 1,018 more words

Advanced Squad Leader

Detouring in Dark Souls

Last time, on this, we were mightily questing through Anor Londo, the city of the lords, trying to fulfill some ancient prophecy or other about being the Best Chosen One, when we got waylaid by accidentally getting sucked inside a painting with no way out. 3,315 more words

Video Games

GDW's Road to the Rhine

Markus and I caught up for another Road to the Rhine scenario (you can read about our last effort here). The more that I play this the more I like it. 1,184 more words

Board Wargames

Impetuous week, part II

Another game where I was only observer. Troops deployed were same as in previous one, but this time Romans had apparent plan to deploy medium and light cavalry against elephants in the Carthaginian left flank (and draw some Gauls with them) and let the legions do heavy lifting in the middle. 432 more words