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Lip-sync exercise from Creature Comforts

This week I was doing my very first proper lip-syncs at Aardman with original sounds from creature comforts. I didn’t get to choose but got the sound files assigned. 62 more words


My Penultimate Life Drawing Class at Aardman

I’ve really enjoyed our Life Drawing classes at Aardman. Our tutor, Sara Easby is by far, one of the best teachers I’ve had. She really challenges us, and reminds us constantly to question our work – for instance, where is the weight? 80 more words

Life Drawing

Walking and running with character

I have been doing walking and running for the past 3 weeks which has been a very useful exercise considering that I never really had to get my head around to two legged walks! 244 more words


Review: DreamWorks Flushed Away

Charming Piece Not Quite up to Par with Aardman’s Earlier Efforts

I suppose a bit of my own disappointment with this particular film stems from the very fact that Aardman’s domestic advertising campaign coupled to DreamWorks boasting that it came from the creators of Shrek left me expecting something much more grandiose then what actually exists here. 414 more words


Can a Music Video be a Documentary?

We had just discussed our plans for our short documentary about Bristol and the opportunities for media in the city. We came up with a narrative that explored how Bristol was probably now known as a ‘one trick pony’ in media (everyone is always harping on about Aardman) so we wanted to show something different. 150 more words

Daily Thoughts

Weight lifting exercise

Here’s last weeks exercise: Weight lifting! We were told to really focus on the brief this time and get the main points of the shot across. 212 more words