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Gadgets, gizmos and musical mandalas...

Yes, I’ve been fiddling with technology again, in pursuit of new and interesting forms of audio visual entertainment.

The latest addition to my electronic arsenal is nothing fancy or complicated however, in fact it’s nothing more than a child’s toy. 520 more words


C’est en Francais Pour Que ca Sonne Exotique or "The Night the Aardvark Cried"

Gather around children so the tale can be told, of the night the aardvark cried.
It is a tale that may sound absurd, indeed you may say I have lied. 374 more words



Tampa, Fla. (Sept. 5, 2014) – Busch Gardens® has welcomed its newest resident: an adorable aardvark born Tuesday, Aug. 5. The healthy baby is expected to grow to more than 120 lbs. 238 more words

Busch Gardens Tampa

Biodiversity challenge - Aardvark

Antbear with a sore head

Why is this aardvark so stroppy and rude?
Is he angry because it’s aard vark finding food?
Is it hunger that’s put him in such a foul mood?

15 more words

Countin' those ties on the railroad tracks....

Well, I can’t promise more than a doodle next week, since I’ll be unpacking my worldly possessions into a new building. Naturally, art supplies are going to be pretty high on the list of things to keep handy (right up there with books and food), but things *do* have a way of going awry when you’d much rather they didn’t. 502 more words