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What Diversity can do, Design can do better.

People sometime argue that diversity in an organization is good because it improves the quality of ideas generated. Different backgrounds bring different perspectives, which provide different insights, whereas having many people with the same background causes partial redundancy. 405 more words


The Aardvark (Orycteropus afer) spotted in Madikwe

There aren’t many places one still sees these in nature. You might be lucky at Thakadu River Camp!

::Thakadu is the Setswana word for a Aardvark (Orycteropus afer)::

Economies of Scale in Individual Labor Supply

Here are two stylized facts about labor economics:

  1. Utility is roughly logarithmic in income
  2. People who earn more per hour also work longer hours.

Together they present a puzzle – those higher income people are higher income primarily because they earn more dollars/hour, not because they work more hours. 283 more words


Apep Attacks

Ra and Sutekh, two prominent Neteru (gods) from ancient Egyptian mythology, battle the monstrous serpent Apep while sailing through the underworld of Duat.

Sutekh (better known to Western audiences as Set) is often perceived as the Egyptian pantheon’s resident villain due to his power struggle with Heru (or Horus), but he was not always portrayed as an antagonist. 206 more words


Thanks a million (well, 35,000 actually)...

Just a quick thank you, to all who have supported the blog for the last two and a half years or so; all 254 posts, … 59 more words


"So you're gonna start a blog..."

Finally!  I’m starting my very own blog!  Woohoo!  After all these years of waking up early, to spend countless hours online, researching every topic known to man,  I’m finally going to be constructive about it.   136 more words

Blogging 101