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Star Wars X Wing: Mercy Kill

I am reviewing the science fiction novel Star Wars X Wing: Mercy Kill by Aaron Allston which is a very good story which I bought from kindle. 292 more words


March 5th - Enemy Lines II - Rebel Stand

I wish Allston wrote more with Lando – he did a great job with YVH 1-1A and him talking (and in the second book).

The only other thing I have to say is “Operation Emperor’s Hammer”.  33 more words

The New Jedi Order

R.I.P. Aaron Allston, 1960-2014

I’m shocked and sad to hear about the passing of Aaron Allston yesterday, from heart failure.  I personally loved his Doc Sidhe novels (I’m a big… 133 more words


March 2nd - Enemy Lines I: Rebel Dream

Well, the big news lately is that of Aaron Allston passing away.  I wonder if it’s a coincidence that I’ll be reading one of his books next.  213 more words

The New Jedi Order

The Very Best Of Us - Part Two

In September of 1982 Gene Day died. I was in high school and Now and Then Books was just a quick walk away. I had worked very hard to emulate Gene Day’s style of art. 914 more words

Strike Force Cover

I discovered that there just weren’t that many good images of this cover out there on the internet so I went to my bookshelf and scanned this.

The Very Best Of Us - Part One

The recent death of Aaron Allston has hit me harder than expected. Aaron’s writings were a strong influence on my developing mind. I remember being close to tears trying to understand some technical terms in Autoduel Champions and my non-gaming sister sitting down with me to sort it out. 711 more words