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Mariners Minors Squalls + Rewind 06/27/14: Traffic Jam

== The freeway on-ramp is running out of room ==

With the promotion of D.J. Peterson, the Mariners have moved pretty much all of their advanced hitting prospects to AA or AAA, and it’s going to be hard to get playing time for everyone. 786 more words


Game 51 + Minors Rewind: Still Not Getting Traction

== One step forward, one step back ==

Was it more interesting to have the crushing eight-game losing streak that was on the verge of becoming a nine-game losing streak when the Epic Tide-Turning 11-Pitch At-Bat Home Run took place … 386 more words


Marte & Barbosa: Rising Stars Without All that OPS

== Your lack of faith is disturbing … (no, it’s not, but it’s a good line) ==

Faithful commenter Rick is somewhat skeptical that I keep touting Aaron Barbosa, who doesn’t even bother to hit doubles while at the hitters’ haven that is High Desert. 654 more words


Game 46 + Minors Rewind: My Left Foot

== Col. Saunders called up from the reserves at the right time ==

It was the April of the Pencil.

Michael Saunders played only five complete games out of 25.  601 more words