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The Powerful and Principled Alexander Hamilton

By Dave Caplan

One of the founding fathers of the United States, Alexander Hamilton, occupies an important part ofAlexander Hamilton. Born January 11, 1755, on the island of… 343 more words

Aaron Burr: Reflections of Alexander Hamilton

Did you know that this is the 210th anniversary of the death of Aaron Burr? James Parton, an autobiography writer and recent author on a book about this very subject recorded that:. 422 more words

Visit Henderson Hall Plantation 19th Century Hoarders

Look for a hidden treasure across the river from Marietta, Ohio along the banks of the Ohio River. Here a Victorian plantation mansion from nearly two hundred years ago seems to watch over the river between Williamstown and Parkersburg, WV. 674 more words

Vice President and Treasury Secretary fight duel. Treasury Secretary dead. Vice President flees.

We think the news today is crazy. Consider the fact that, on this date 210 years ago, Vice President Aaron Burr and Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton, fought a duel. 228 more words

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Friday Facts- July 11, 2014- Hamilton/Burr Duel

On this day in 1804, Alexander Hamilton died at the hands of Aaron Burr in a duel in New Jersey- interestingly on the same field where Hamilton’s son died two years prior in a duel himself defending his father’s honor. 257 more words

Friday Facts

Blacktip Braces For Burr-Hamilton Duel Reenactment

American history partisans will face off today in the Caribbean island’s reenactment of the 1802 Burr-Hamilton duel between then-Vice President of the United States Aaron Burr and former Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. 420 more words



July 11th in history:

The first treasury secretary of the U.S., Alexander Hamilton, was felled by a bullet in his famous duel with Vice President Aaron Burr on July 11th, 1804. 94 more words

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